Welcome to this Gingers’ Home Page

Hi There! Welcome to this Gingers’ Home Page!

My go by TeeJay. I’m a creative Redhead and this ginger’s creations and creatives are all here in one space. Blog, Shop, Art, Portfolio, Resume. It’s all here. One stop shop, reach out, let’s go! Let’s get started here!

Here is the place to connect with me for business, services, I’ve a shop in progress and art or handmade gifts for sale as well. There’s a blog up too for those exploring my corn allergy journey. Coming soon a subscription for the full access to this Ginger’s World of Randoms… all to gain insight and inspirations for those who follow or find the crazy poetic tangents I leave out and about.

I’m an artist at heart with designer talents and have a semi-active focus on doing awareness graphics for #cornallergy. Something that I feel strongly enough about the struggle to adapt with it so much so I had to share more about here on my blog and create graphics for educational or awareness purposes. It’s a whirlwind to live with but not all that I focus my life around. I just try to help others by sharing graphics and lessons I’ve had with it… or the crazy things I’ve found. I have a pretty versatile background but I specialized in graphics and the print industry before, so I use those strengths in my business – matter of fact its part of my services I offer.

Please take to exploring my portfolios, art, and more. Feel free to reach out in any of the given methods on my site. Don’t hesitate to Text, Call or Connect with me today! There’s plenty I can offer to help you with.

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My shifts vary week to week, as does my availability. Never hesitate to reach out to schedule with me on any given project or opportunity.

Send a Text or Call the business phone at anytime:
p) 623-738-5606

Send an email anytime to: GingerMadeCreations@gmail.com