Welcome…A place to find all this ginger’s creations and creatives in one space…all of her crochet, designs, vectors, drawings, paintings and different mediums…poetics in her World of Randoms…and maybe something to smile at too hopefully…

I go by TeeJay. I am an artist, past career production and graphic design specialist, large format print operator, ZUND operator…and Now? I’m a part time price integrity clerk at my local grocery store with a side hobby of helping small businesses and struggling families. I do awareness graphics as well for #cornallergy. It’s something I live with and deal with personally and we’re definitely limited on what we can eat and do in todays world. I like to educate and spread awareness so we can be recognized too for the need for product labeling for corn derivatives. You’d be surprised what is corn derived!

My portfolios are available in the tabs above for both my design and handmade creations.

This site provides you a space to evaluate, decide and connect with me to help you with a project or gift. I do take commission and contract work.

Basic services I offer include

  • Graphic Design and Print Services, starting at $65 for most projects, this does not include print costs. Print costs are always going to be separate.
  • Print Services for everything from Business cards to banners, vehicle graphics and wraps all the way to interior decor and more. I can even help you wrap your store front windows if you’re local here in Arizona, my husband does graphics installations and he helps my clients out in cutting installation costs when it comes down to it.
  • Handmade gifts & toys – I crochet and absolutely love to do so! Making toys for your kids or friends is something I totally can dig down on. Most all my handmade products start out at $15 and go up depending on size and time to create. They’re handmade so there’s no rush available on this service.

Don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a text, email or call!

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