Life Journey Lessons & Corn Allergy Life

Real Life Journeys – Introduction

Where to start on this journey. I guess I’ll start with my why for this blog. Why I’m deciding to create content you have to pay for to access first off.

I’m not money motivated so why would I charge you to read this content? Well, I’m sort of shy for one and this life story is very, very personal… My life story isn’t something glorious to share by any means and it is very personal. This story is going to start in my childhood and will be more than just a corn allergy journey, it makes its way into my story and is a very large part of my story but… I want to talk mental health, parenting, sex trafficking, drugs, health in general and so much more.

The personal aspect is why I am charging and because this Corn Allergy has taken so much from me. I have to ask for something back both because this Allergy costs me so much and for sharing such a personal journey in its raw detail. Before this allergy, men, women, and the world had already proven to be challenging to maneuver around, it’s been difficult…

The development of this allergy was but another layer of crappy icing for my ‘shit’ cake of a life. This allergy has taken so much from me, so if I’m going to share my story…I’m asking financial support for doing so. I’m also going to uncover something else: How you can still live a happy life no matter what. I said I wanted to talk mental health…I’ve struggled with that due to generational traumas and my own personal unfortunate experiences. The #metoo movement lifted off and I stood by silent, and rather angry about it…angry might not be the right description but… I kept silent. I’ve got my fair share of stories too, but I’m not a victim and I’m not going for the throats of my enemies and make a victim out of them either. We now have save the children going, and that…I have seen a few things in my life that would drop jaws.

I’ve been inspired to share my life story by so many people in my life and I’m finally starting with this…Names and places will be changed to protect the privacy of those in my life…some areas I might have to omit some facts just for legal reasons but the gist of these realities are important to take into consideration on your own journey I think…especially if you’re struggling…

Your subscription is are considered donations and they not only will help contribute to maintain my quality of life with getting foods and maintaining my health… but will also contribute to this becoming a book or something eventually too. I’m throwing it out there and seeing what will stick. All one can do is try and start somewhere.

So…without further ado…here goes. Subscribe today to get access to all my premium content and life story posts, it’s a measly $5 bucks a month to support my endeavors here. You can cancel at any time. There are no refunds though, just be aware of that. I’m teetering on even charging for the content as I would like to help people…but as wise ones always say and the air plane emergency rule goes: Take care of yourself first, then others. I have to feed myself and that gets to be mad expensive with this allergy. My sensitivities seem to be getting more sensitive as time passes, so this journey is clearly not over. I’d like to share how things have gone up until this point, you know, January 2021. This’ll take a while. Bear with me as I also have my creative content I’ve got to transfer over as well…It kind of has my allergy in it as well, so if you’re interested in mental health my World of Randoms is a twist and turn adventure through a mental hell I’ve dealt with my entire life.

Oh…again…without Further Ado…

Subscribe today to get access to Chapter 1

It’s hard not to talk about my past with my allergy because I firmly believe everything in one’s life is interconnected like the webbing of a spider’s home. Every incident in your life contributes and is connected to something else in your life now or in the future.  Science is starting to uncover that from what I follow in my readings and research findings. I’d like to share some of that in this journey story….Subscribe to read the full chapter. 🙂 Support your friendly ginger!

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