World of Randoms

The World of Randoms Explained

A GingerMade Written Creative Collection

I’m but a little ginger, in a big ol’ world…considering her existence completely random and well…here goes an attempt to share some…sort of talent I think.

This is just a way to get the creativity out to the world. I want to share. To whom I don’t know and don’t care, whoever it’s meant for, it will find and whatever is meant for me will find me.

Why am I going to do this?

  • Because it gives a public platform for my creative arts.
  • Because it will help focus ideas to those who need them, maybe you’ll find use in my random craptabulous content.
  • I have to outlet my wordy and poetic side, so here it is. For all to see. No cares given, just hope to inspire.

My mission in life has always been to leave a footprint, and not a negative one. Live a life of love, strongly. Live Life, Love and Be Strong has always been my motto. Primarily because of all the traumatic deaths in my life growing up. People tend to struggle with the negativity in the world as it if is some kind of almighty thing to submit yourself to…and It’s really not. My journey has been that personal discovery. Happiness is truly a choice, and without having experienced misery on some level, how does one know true happiness? I’ve come to a belief that it takes many experiences to come to have an open mind, but it only takes one major experience to open the mind’s eye to being open minded.

If My blog happens to be successful, I hope to see some of this content become foundation for music…inspiration for others success stories…You don’t have to be a victim to your life circumstances. Or the pain. That’s really the basis for all this world of randoms creation nonsense I’m going to start spewing. I have content backlogged for well over a decade and a half. I will be unpacking publicly and without fear, of course you’re going to have to pay though to see this stuff… I can’t just keep giving my creativity out for free.

It’s going to be brutal. Nasty, beautiful, all of the above. Or it could be useless and pointless and nothing goes anywhere, and if you’ve wasted your money I apologize. You can cancel the subscription at any time. At least I can say I tried. You don’t know if you don’t try and you can’t receive if you don’t ask. So I ask everyone to tread carefully, kindly, albeit the trolls are bound to find their way and be cruel. I look forward to the slaughter. Just be aware, it’s not necessary to be cruel, but the world has found necessity in keeping cruelty around for well over our puny human existences. It’ll find necessity in kindness too, hopefully.

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