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The Gingers’ Blogs Explained

The World of Randoms AND My Life Journey Posts, all now located here in one spot! Subscriber only for full content though…You have to pay to read all of it. I’ve got to take care of myself with the work I do.

I intend to help people with their journey through these writings. Some are crap that I wrote eons ago from my creative side and some of it is real life. You’ll know the difference by the titles and artwork, explained below, so whichever story you want to follow, fact or fiction(mixed with the influence of the facts), you’ll get to decide.

I have an entire backlog to share with those whom would like to read it! Unfortunately I cannot give this out for free…my allergy costs me an arm and a leg every month so anything extra I can get, helps immensely!

My posts will consist of 2 kinds, My Life Journey posts will be all Non-Fiction and my life summary in recollection, real life details and dealings. I hope to help others in their life Journey and obstacles through the experiences shared in these posts. My Life Journey posts will detail out my actual life experiences and traumas and how I have been able to make leaps and bounds in my life regardless of the strife and obstacles. There is no fiction in these posts labeled My Life Journey…except maybe names and locations. I have to respect peoples privacy and our history relations. I’m not out to damage peoples reputations, however, their actions can kind of do that for themselves. Mine as well.

My Life Journey Posts will have this Graphic for a Header

Anything published with the title World of Randoms is entirely fictional and, well, Random. Hence the name, this is all purely creative content and emotional outlets. I have hopes they’ll inspire music or something. I have a plethora of creative entries I’ve wanted to share with the world. I don’t want to waste money on publishing deals and it go nowhere, why not start here on my own? See where it goes. If people pay to read this stuff, GREAT! If they sign up and cancel, so what? If it goes nowhere, so what? I am getting my stuff out, my way!

Anything from my mostly fictional collection The World of Randoms, will have this graphic

Pardon the mess, enjoy the content as it becomes available and feel free to send in feedback. I can’t get better without that!

All my creative writing posts will begin funneling here, I’m still getting used to this website management stuff…not my forte per-say, I specialize in printed graphics, not web! I appreciate the patience in the meantime as I get this ironed out.

Thank you to those who subscribe to see the full content, your support will help me to grow, reach goals and really focus on what I can best service my community and fellow humans with. I have a plethora of talents and skills…I’m still exploring what I like to do 30 years into this life. Let me share some of it with you here! Happy ventures!

1 thought on “The Gingers’ Blogs Explained”

  1. This is Awesomely awesome!!! I am so very proud of you. I knew you would do great things especially when you left NC for college. Embrace and enjoy this new and beautiful journey that you have created and when it’s pace begins to slow down don’t fret! Say thank you and create something new from within it and always aim for the Stars ✨✨✨
    Much love, prayers, laughter, and prosperity always.