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The Gingers’ Blogs Explained

This Area is under Construction and in Progress – Please… Pardon the mess, enjoy the content as it becomes available and feel free to send in feedback. I can’t get better without that! A special Thank You to those who subscribe, support and give feedback, your support has and will continue to help me grow, reach goals and really focus on what I can best service my community and fellow humans with. I have a plethora of talents and skills…I’m still exploring and expanding on what I like to do 30 years into this life. Let me share some of it with you here! Happy ventures!

Welcome to my written content! Here’s a little break down for the newcomers!
To explain a bit, I have 3 different categories that I post on primarily outside of what is openly posted for entertainment and general inspirations.

1) Life Inspirations & Adaptations
Inspirations and so much more on my journey – I’ve got a plethora of things I get or have gotten into and I love to share my lessons and inspirations. My works are often inspired by life itself and life is one giant piece of art if you look around in curiosity. I’ve had a lot of changes and had to learn and adapt through a number of health and even social dilemmas. Maybe my stories can help or inspire others.
This area is still under construction

2) #corntamination #cornallergy Graphics & Series
I intend to help people struggling with a Corn Allergy like myself and influence in a positive way by sharing some of the graphics I’ve created for awareness here as well as the lessons associated with their inspiration to creation.  In short I have a series available for those intrigued or needing help navigating their own adult #cornallergy development. My struggles and lessons learned living with an adult onset #cornallergy – it’s a bit complicated but shared here – all just lessons shared, ideas, rants, conversation topics, and #cornallergy awareness graphics
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#cornallergy life – CornTamination Educational Graphics Series

3) Gingers’ World of Randoms
Anything published with the title World of Randoms is entirely fictional – reality inspired possibly of course – and, well, Random. Hence the name, this is all purely creative content meant to inspire. It is a journey through a creative tunnel and comes in the form of chapters. Some are poetic while others are short stories. Much of the content is subscriber only content, although parts of many chapters are available to the public eye with intention to inspire imagination, music and art.
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This Gingers’ World of Randoms Creative Content – Subscription required for full access

Subscriber content will be accessible soon – to those who have generously supported me, thank you. These transformations are made possible with your help!

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  1. This is Awesomely awesome!!! I am so very proud of you. I knew you would do great things especially when you left NC for college. Embrace and enjoy this new and beautiful journey that you have created and when it’s pace begins to slow down don’t fret! Say thank you and create something new from within it and always aim for the Stars ✨✨✨
    Much love, prayers, laughter, and prosperity always.