World of Randoms

Chapter 2 – Eternal Blood Rose – “The First Painting Found”

This section of painting looks to us like an old yellow book, opened up to the first page of a child’s imaginative scribbles…This painting is to the story that would never be finished because a computer crashed. The first creative attempt and this is what remained from the handwritten. The memoirs of a Child’s dream to be a book writer. This is a story that will never be finished. It is missing on a lost hard drive, somewhere in the mess of a past time.

Hi, I’m going to tell you the life of a young girl who came to my village nearly 300 years ago. The girl was from another world, far from mine.

I will start the story back in her so called world. It starts something like this…

“Sarah, you can do the dishes or the laundry!”

Sarah’s father had just come in the door and was already giving chores.

Sarah sighed and said “ Okay, I’m on the dishes. Jane is in the bed. Mom put her down before she left.” , her reply was a tired one. She had stayed up half the night trying to get her 3 year old sister to stop crying over a nightmare.

‘I’m so tired’ Sarah thought. After about 30 Minutes Sarah was done with her chores. She left the house and went to sit under the tree in her backyard. But that’s not what happened and you probably won’t believe what happened either.

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