World of Randoms

Chapter 4 – Self Talks: Rip One Smoke Out, Vape One In

Short journey into a very brief painting – this one I won’t bother charging for as it’s too short a chapter and venture through this particular painting in the tunnel:

Here we are again. Stepping into a painting of the mental scape of someone battling the quit smoking demons…the vaping alternatives are just as much a demon to this person as the cigarette…

Standing here, fighting with the negatives. You against I.

It’s like Bonnie and Clyde, but not so functional.

You, inner me, and me… we don’t exactly get along. You think everything fails. You think everything dies and that it’s just so bad that things and people die. It all fucking sucks, especially when you’re in a mind frame that you “need” someone to survive. What a sad existence to have to revolve your own around another’s. Interdependent and codependent have some fine lines. So does psychosis and sanity.

Let’s talk about this “Smoking” and now turned to “Vaping” – what the fuck is your issue? Like, let me love you hardcore with some rough verbiage. You want to die? You want to leave your husband in agony? Your family? Or do you seriously think no one will be phased by your passing? Pro-long your temple, it is your soul duty.

Remember what they told us when we were on that death bed before? I know you want it so bad…inner me, you want it so bad, but I’ll tell you…

Get out of that mindset…you don’t deserve to die. You deserve to take deep breaths. You can, and deserve to breathe. Stay solid to your health. You have so much to offer, it’s time to lay down the spears of lies sticking in your back that you’ve been carrying as a defense recycle… It’s time to let go.

You’ve got a lot of misinformed beliefs to work through.

“Death is good”

“Death is bad”

Neither is true, neither is false. Death is Death. It is. It was, it will be. Always. But there’s absolutely no need to rush to it. You really haven’t an idea what’s beyond even though you’ve had your glimpses.

These are the conversations within mental scape of someone battling the hidden mental aspects of this addiction to smoking…and the ideals as to why they weren’t quitting… Why did they continue to smoke? Why do you smoke if you do? Maybe you should consider loving yourself enough to quit hurting yourself.

It’s hard. It’s worth it. You’re worth it. DO IT! Get to it! 🙂

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