World of Randoms

Chapter 5 – The Discombobulation of Combobulations

Here’s a jolly thought this morning. How bout we start this off with a good ol’ question?!? Sitting here in my World of Randoms, expressing Another chapter of thoughts.

Are you a positively negative nanny? Do you have your panties up in a bunch about anything and possibly everything and everyone one? Is just everything/one around or coming your way, just not good enough? Is everything not your business actually your business but the world just doesn’t realize it? Do you know what you think you know as well as you think you know it? Especially with all this entitled thinking, you have to being a negative push nanny? Well, …this message is for you if this describes you. You may not realize it while reading but, if you’re rejecting the idea that this is not you, it could definitely be you.

I have this sneaking suspicion…off in this place where I sit, watching you all from somewhere….I can’t fully describe. It’s a place where the angels go, where the unknown knowns’ slip off into this forgotten space we all have access to. It’s where ‘God’ sits waiting for you to calm down and embrace the possibilities that this is life and it is beautiful. That this is a gift to be cherished.

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