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SLIDE #07 – Corn Allergy List Item #03 – Alpha Tocopherol

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ITEM #03 – Alpha tocopherol
Alpha Tocopherols or otherwise labeled as mixed tocopherols commonly found in the ingredients on packaging is almost always synthetically made using extraction methods with corn and soy. It has anti-oxidation effects amongst other things. It does occur naturally but not as often as we’d like to think in our food and hygiene products. While naturally occurring Alpha Tocopherols come from grains and leafy vegetables, it comes in varying amounts and most of us don’t typically consume enough of it which results in some vitamin deficiencies. This creates an industry where they have created it and put it in our food synthetically. For most people this is not an issue, but for those with allergies it can be.
I won’t dive into the Vitamin and Supplement industry but I will warn against trying to just go out and get the extra nutrients you need through convenient modern means. Not all are FDA approved and even if they were, that doesn’t guarantee long term use safety or treatment or even resolve of deficiency issues. I will say though that many, almost all, synthetic made supplements can have varying degrees of corn-tamination. After wasting over $1,000’s and failing many, even those claiming to be corn free supplements, failing many trials, I simply warn you to research a balanced diet to get your nutrients and vitamins. They can claim corn-free when they remove the corn protein in processing, this does NOT guarantee you won’t get a reaction. That is also another debacle for another time.
As always, do in depth research or reach out to company manufacturers if you have a corn allergy. Also, do not hesitate to search groups on products to see if others have tried.

*Asterisk Items are items that are not always corn derived and require in depth research on the item in question.



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