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SLIDE #08 – Corn Allergy list items #04: Artificial flavorings

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ITEM #04 – Artificial flavorings
Artificial Flavorings, the artificial part kind of gives it away to keep it out of your food choices if you’re living with a corn allergy. Artificial flavorings are created in a variety of ways and much to our dismay, you may not be able to get a manufacturer to release the ingredients used to make the flavors, as many are trademarked and secret. It’s the ingredient that keeps their product different from the rest, their flavor for you to savor in mystery if you will.
FDA regulations and laws have specific guidelines for companies to follow and you can look into it to see more about this in my references below. Essentially a corn-free diet and lifestyle with a Corn Allergy is pretty much avoiding all artificial and processed food choices at all times. While Artificial flavors and natural flavors hold no real difference in my book, it would be a safe bet to stay away from these vaguely described added ‘flavors’ that are created synthetically. Fun fact – flavonoids can act just the same as heroin or other substances in the brain, so think a little harder and more in depth when selecting foods with these added flavors. They might be trying to get you addicted to their product through flavors. I think this true of anyone though, we should be getting clear and blatant transparency with our processed foods and how they come to us, no secrets.
Corn is like the Oil of the food and manufacturing industries, it is so versatile in its uses and different components that it will almost 99% of the time be corn-taminating your artificial flavors from any product you might try to research or reach out to. I’d love to find some products that have this ingredient and are actually somehow legitimately corn and chemical free, that would be really awesome to find just for a bets sake. I just don’t think it exists out there though, not yet.

*Asterisk Items are items that are not always corn derived and require in depth research on the item in question.


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