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SLIDE #09 – Corn Allergy Trigger List Item #05: Artificial Sweeteners

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ITEM #05 – Artificial SWEETENERS
Generally it is a good rule of thumb to avoid all things artificial with a corn allergy, at least that’s what I’ve come to find in my journey with this allergy. Artificial sweeteners go through a variety of processes and Corn is used frequently in processing. While Stevia should be expected to just be crushed and powdered version of the plant, this is not necessarily always the case. Processing equipment can be corn-taminated and if you’re super sensitive, this is not ideal for you.
Those with a Gluten Allergy can attest that corn can be a bit of a trigger for them even though it is supposedly gluten free, I don’t fully understand this but it is explained on their website and helps the Corn Allergy folks out too in this case. They’ve been around for a minute and are well established, recognized and accepted by most of society.
Us with the corn allergy, still not so much BUT, we’re making headway. Slowly but surely, we’ll get our platform so we too can have affordable options and a quality life option that is affordable and attainable. Right now it just seems impossible to avoid, but from the gluten free society they’ve dug in and found that Truvia, a artificial sweetener brand, uses Erythritol which has corn in the processing.
As always, happy researching and do not forget you’re not alone if you have this allergy!

*Asterisk Items are items that are not always corn derived and require in depth research on the item in question.



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