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SLIDE #10 – Corn Allergy List Items #06 & 07: Ascorbates, Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C

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ITEMS #06 & 07 – Ascorbates & Ascorbic acid OR VITAMIN C Ascorbate by definition is a salt, ester, or the negatively charged ion of Ascorbic Acid. Ascorbic acid in essence is Vitamin C. It essentially is the calcium form of Vitamin C. Synthetically created Vitamin C. While you can get plenty of vitamin C through a healthy diet, Vitamin C makes it market for those who may not get that or in food preservation. While it has it’s benefits for many people and many situations for food prep, lemon juice is a great substitute, anyway, those of us with a Corn Allergy have to be very careful about supplement selections and nutrition intake. Instead of eating fortified foods we’re limited to a primarily fresh diet, and for me that has been a challenging adjustment to my lifestyle. While Vitamin C can be derived from Citrus, there is often corn in the processing and creation of Ascorbates and Ascorbic acid. Between cost, supply and demand within the market for Vitamins, supplements, food preservatives amongst other things…Corn is just the go to for manufacturers of all kinds. Vitamin C is not just a supplement used to treat scurvy or vitamin deficiencies, it also plays a roll as a preservative in jams, jellies, jerkies and more. It can be used as a flavoring agent as well in everything from candy, cereal to drinks. Be on the look out, there are some instances in which they don’t have to label so be wary. Not all labels are all inclusive. Reaching out to manufacturers is one way to figure out for sure if corn is used in processing. Happy ventures and best of luck! 🙂

*asterisk items are items that are not always corn derived but highly likely to be corn contaminated or processed. Check with manufacturers to confirm.

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