Life Journey Lessons & Corn Allergy Life, World of Randoms

Chapter 8 – “Tonight” Extended Thoughts

The Past, The Present, you just honestly never know. I got a Corn allergy to deal with now too.

Some of these are factual entries merged into the current reality.

By the time it reaches the reader, it’ll look like a journal entry…that got mashed up

maybe a poem…maybe something concerning…maybe something worth googling…maybe I already lost you…and if so, that means this wasn’t meant for you because of…well…

it gets a little personal…a little real, a little raw…totally unfiltered as all the World of Randoms entries will be.

a little against the thaw of thoughts frozen in time…

a little bit of what it’s like to be in line, online, in my mind…oh how it goes on and on, round and round…you just can’t hear this sound…it’s in my mind…it’s a struggle to be kind isn’t it? Oh so easy…lemon squeezy…bitch and make someone feel little and queasy…how evil. how human nature of you. Who doesn’t do that nowadays in the era and world of Political Correcting?

Well…here goes…as the Entry originates from a moment called…”Tonight”

She’s sulking in a corner, I can’t help but wonder what now…always something with this girl, so sad and lonely…all up in that corner. I swear we have mother issues here. It’s kind of funny. In some sick twisted way, it’s a second generations realization. Maybe this can change

“So what is it now? Why are you so sad?”

“Oh, I don’t know… I still hear their voices in my mind. I can still see the look in their eyes.“ And oh…how she leaves out their demise. How she leaves out the terrifying images and sounds…the details.

“So are you actually hearing voices? Are they telling you to do things?” Asked in legitimate concern for her sanity.

“No…It’s more like memories…you know, how you can close your eyes and see the past or hear it?”

“Yeah, I understand that. So what is it you’re seeing?”

“It’s all flashes. I don’t quite know where they are coming from. Matter of fact, I question if they’re valid memories. I even want to ask is it possible to tell oneself a lie to the point of self manifested memories and realities?”

“Probably…there’s you something to Google.” I said with a chuckle….

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