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SLIDE #14 – Corn Allergy List item #11 – Barley Malt*

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SLIDE #14 – Corn Allergy List item #11 – Barley Malt*
Barley Malt – this has an asterisk next to it on the main list. This means it is not always corn derived. Generally Barley Malt can be considered safe but be wary as it is more often than not contaminated. Malt is germinated grain by definition and in processing is where oftentimes things get corny. You’ll have to reach out to manufacturers to see if the product at hand is safe for you to try.
Corn is always cheaper and easier in the food industry so be wary that many places that process barley will also likely process corn, this is where a lot of products become a no go for the more sensitive corn allergy folks, even if they’re 100% on the label, considered safe. You know those little disclaimers for people with a nut allergy? That really applies with everything with a corn allergy as it is so broad spectrum in its uses in processes and manufacturing.
Barley Malt’s major uses are in food and beverages and confections. It is used in making beer, breads, bagels, tea biscuits and many other items. In cereals you can find its’ extract being used. It is known for being used as sweet meal so to speak. If you’re nifty enough, you might be able to make your own!
Happy research adventures!


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