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$4 Custom #cornallergy Awareness Badge Graphics

In an effort to raise #cornallergy awareness, I’ve made several badges for free that are available for use anywhere. Out of all that work, I now have some standard templates available to choose from AND customized Corn Emojis! So… for those of you that may be interested in customizing your own, message me today to get started! For a small $2 Set up and $2 file release fee ($4 total!), you can have your very own custom badge! Help show your support for #cornallergy awareness as well as helping a ginger with a corn allergy get some food and other products/medicine money in her pocket. I rather work for it than ask for help! 🙂 (I kind of need some help LOL) Our Corn Allergy Lives aren’t chosen, easy, convenient, or cheap!! Help raise #cornallergy awareness, labeling needs, and more! You are not alone if you have this allergy, we may be spread out, but we are not of a rare few anymore! ***PLEASE NOTE*** Response times may vary but will occur within 24 hours, please keep in mind that your ginger is a night owl and sleeps daytime, works during the night and into late mornings.

1) Submit Payment, I will contact you within 24-48 hours regarding your customizations!


1) Submit Payment, I will contact you within 24-48 hours regarding your customizations! 2) Have your Selection of Emoji & Template Ready when I contact you 3) Standby for me to assemble, I’ll send you a screenshot. It will have a watermark on it initially. Once confirmed we’re onto step 4! 4) You get the standard file release package free of watermarks!


2) Select your Template

3) Choose Your Corn Emoji!

4) You will receive your digital proof and Standard file format releases! JPG, PDF, AI & PNG

Have a different custom request? Would you like to discuss other options & opportunities with me? I do printing too! Reach out to me if you need something more than just the standard customizable template graphic!

I’m here to help!

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