Corn-Tamination Alert Graphics

SLIDE #16 – Corn Allergy List item #13 – Blended Sugar (Sugaridextrose)

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SLIDE #16 – Corn Allergy List item #13 – Blended Sugar (Sugaridextrose, CORN SUGAR, DEXTROSE)
Blended Sugar, Sugar Dextrose, Dextrose, also Corn Sugar. Dextrose has some baffling search results when searching for Blended Sugar and Dextrose or Sugaridextrose. Sugar was once on the list of corn derivatives and it is still on mine as an ingredient to dodge, I am not entirely sure of all the details surrounding sugar debates but current FDA standards for Sugar on labels can only be applied for sugar that comes from cane sugar or beets. However, if you see blended sugar be on high alert, corn is more than likely in the mix! Corn starch under certain amounts will still be allowed in processing for things without it having to be on a label so be very cautious with any sugar products. I like to think of sugar as something corn can always be hidden in as both are typically white in appearance or can be blended together without detection.
I want to focus on Sugar on this one, Dextrose will be the next one that I break down in more detail. Sugaridextrose/Dextrose is Corn Sugar and if you see it on a label it’s a safe idea to avoid it when you’re living with a corn allergy. I have not seen this much in recent years and don’t see what happened but I imagine it was a legality issue which made sugar go to being mandated as cane or beet only by the FDA. Most of the time you can probably say your item is safe for a ‘Sugar’ item – unless it‘s specified from another source, proceed with research and caution. Blended sugars require reaching out, I just assume to avoid for my personal situation.
As an educational point, Sugar Cane and Corn are within the same plant family, while not everyone has a sensitivity to all of the different particular grass family member and their products, you may find, like I have, that you’re a bit sensitive to sugar, especially after processing. Just food for thought!


*Asterisk Items are items that are not always corn derived and require in depth research on the item in question.

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