World of Randoms

Chapter 12 – The Sight, The Right, The Might and The Light

The waters of dark thought

Hello again, welcome back to my tunnel of paintings. 

We are limited to the number of hikers, so please tell your friends to wait for their turn. Come as you please, but let’s keep our distance with the new level of persistence. 

Hold on while I start some tea…let’s talk over this plea of hers…that’s the name of this painting we stand before in this section. Look at her…face is all covered. She’s stuck between two worlds, pressed flat like a flower in a book. One all flooded and ran by a very disturbing looking mermaid with no eyes and a righteous and despicable mouth of teeth.

Beneath the crushed girl with no face…covered face…we see another landscape. Desolate in shape, nothing lives there. It’s hot, it’s heat, at least this is what you can see by the colors of the painting. In it there’s her other side, standing there with her mouth sewn shut.

I have to say…this painting on this section of the tunnel, it’s scary. It’s further reached and interconnected than any other section we’ve passed through. It’s different. Oh mother, if you knew. Oh Father, if you’d grew that over time. Instead, you refuted the truths. That’s okay. They aren’t their truths to behold or define, but let us enter now…with the Me, Myself and I. 

Watch as we split off, have a schizophrenic break as they would say, so let us define it that way for their sanity sake. Why should I worry for mine when it’s out of time? Believe me when I look at mine and decide…it’s not all fine but it’s not all bad. 

I stand here in the middle of this well-defined section. Seeing that on the other side there is this infection. It’s in the masses, the glasses, the flasks, and the masks. It’s in the vials, the trials, the open dials, and tones, over the phones in the cones and in the freaks. All this fear, diluted or not, it’s very toxic. The damages done aren’t weak…

Even if you’re well prepared, this wasn’t something anyone could bank a bet on. The narrative however is more than clear, the fear that is. The only one many will adhere to. The time is here, mother said to turn to the last chapter and pray. It’s not a chapter but an unfinished documentation of things to come. Look…we’re facing the lions head on a dragon’s body. Let that sink in. Yes, it breathes fire and ice. No, it’s not going to wait to entice. 

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