World of Randoms

Chapter 10 – The Fight Without

Enter with me here, this painting…of a mother holding her failure to thrive child…ever so tightly…so tight you might find fright in the idea that the child might be…getting squeezed to death…

Intentionally… although she’ll never confess. 

She recognizes not what she does. 

And it matters not, because she has no success

From a litany of habits to a newborn savage

Now we have a new teacher

Maybe even a preacher…

Let us watch her ravage

This is a story from the grim reapers pet creature

The fight without…is within but not without you in mind.

Remember…you’re not blind. That’s the lie you believed within the rind of your heart.

As the days go by, 

I watch you sitting in that little bay window. 

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As you watch the world on the other side go by. 

You cry because it’s raining, 

And the sun never seems to be shining…

But you don’t realize that it’s raining because you’re crying. 

So long as you keep crying, the sun will never start shining. 

Sometimes I hear your lonely sigh or I’ll see you try not to cry…but you never fully stop to realize…it’s all up to you… It’s your choice whether it rains or shines. You don’t realize the magic in that heart of emotions that create your life’s’ grinds, 

When you cry the angels outside in the clouds do the same…

When you smile, the sun fairies come out to play and come to show you all is fine.

So…turn to me now, let’s investigate this teardrop right here. 

There are many, but this one is under our microscope…

It’s the paint drop in our hand now

Look closely and you’ll find what she feels

A mother’s desire

And a daughter’s satire

A daughters tear 

And a mother’s worst fear

All the glow, makeup, and attire 

Quickly to diminish and retire

Into deep-seated fates 

Of misguided and misplaced hates

And Family’s hand me down traits

Your mother abandoned you,

Looking back too, 

Grandma wasn’t really there either

She was back there, back then, 

But all we can remember is when 

She just sat there

With that distant blank stare

Somewhere inside they all held deep despair

Oh, how life isn’t fair. 

It’s seeded so deep

Even though Grandma couldn’t tell ya

No one can pinpoint

We’re all following this poem when all of a sudden the interruption happens. It’s the fight without just cause, this little fury comes a bouncing and a weaving through these lines like a quarterback getting out of line. She’s quickly building up her unstable defenses, stacking it up like a game of Jenga.

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