World of Randoms

The Interim in Her Precipice

There is a moment we have to spend here in this section, sitting and waiting for the other side to open up as history unfolds within our lives. Here we stand in the midst of a war…frozen in time. A moment to all our own individual designs. Let’s take a look around…let’s set the scene I mean. If we can…it’s rather large and obscene and I don’t think we can capture all the facts in a matter of one sitting…or any sitting length of time. 

Let me unfold…we now have everyone’s motives in question. Let the best out right here. We’re on the topic of a rainbow today, one side sitting in very dark and hateful waters and the other sitting on the spectrum end where none of the darkness has ever been seen or experienced. There are those who would march to eliminate the innocence throughout the entire world… For they believe that from innocence breeds the discrimination of assumptions and therefore hatred for the misunderstood. In their eyes, the elimination of innocence is the elimination of evil. 

This, of course, is a philosophical point. Inherently speaking on emotions picked up along the pathway of my life. Here I am sitting in this tunnel, kind of stuck. Just wondering what’s wavering in front of that light down in the distance. As you know, we have to complete a section to get anywhere else in this place. The other side of this section is locked down…and quite frankly looking like a Frankenstein beast. You…me…myself…and the I here in this situation are all the ones present for this transgression against the narrative of the open and free world as we know it…maybe it’s a matter of our universe… 

While everyone outside of this place is either hiding or going about their business or the others are out picketing and rioting…robbing…screaming…crying…there’s a lot of us sitting here in our four walls…our hearts swelled in pain…throats choked up with this same exact pain. Our voices muted by the disdain and knowing…the brainwashing goes deeper than we can fathom to understand or even begin to unravel and restitch to put together a picture some of the rest would understand. 

Nobody wants to start over it seems like. It’s the choice to continue the mistakes of the last generation apparently. It seems so obvious to us…these individuals sitting and hiding away from the violence in the public domain, rooted in the disdain and assertion that their roots are properly nourished and properly justified for their violence to flourish…because in their eyes this is the justice long overdue…a hell recreated just for you with the light skin…even though you haven’t a clue what sin you’re being crucified for…it was, after all, our founding father’s actions that got us here. 

Maybe it’s in our roots to not participate with the violence…that our voices are muted and trampled by the masses who so collectively scream for justice…but mute out the most just of voices. It’s the collective unity in choices that repeats the same pains, sits us back in the very same seats we were just chained to. Maybe we just understand that nothing we say will hideaway that deep-seated hate that has each generation stuck on repeat. 

We could ponder all day long…but let’s dive into this one plant here…she’s beautiful and tall…bright and vibrant at a glance…but the petals, if you look closely at the way they unfold…have a gloomy message to be read. It’s a message that I find words that are hard to be said. Where to start…when the seed sprouted into a plant? No…her growth was too painful to describe…

Let’s start with…a scene from our past…This might be rooted in reality…with a twist of human brutality…so brace yourself. You can always opt to leave too…

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