World of Randoms

Chapter 14 – Those Somber Eyes

Diving into those somber eyes without any permission to the viewer, here we go…an unexpected rabbit hole adventure. There might be a storyline hidden here after all, but we’ll find out as we journey further. Doesn’t life seem to have a trend to match a movie or a story? 

And here we go again…round and round…to the sound of her voice. Into a scene, that we haven’t even begun to see. 

“I wanted to make something beautiful,” She said, fiddling with her painting utensils. He had his camera in hand and was looking for this perfect opportunity to compliment her.

He looked at her with his camera in hand, pointed it at her, and said “Look at me and smile then!”

She smiled and tossed him the perfect glance for the snapshot captured. Such a lovely face, smile, soul…she lit a room up and didn’t realize it. So many would speak ill of her to her, but beautifully when she exited the room. Why is it such nature of man to pluck a flower so that it dies? Why not water it and seed more? 

Here in this moment, we flip to a different channel, she’s standing at a podium in an empty room.

A blank room. Could it be a hospital room? All the walls painted white and blank? A few clusters of round white tables, white chairs…all white. Her black hair against the background and her eyes, the loudest elements in the room because she herself is dressed in all white and blending…the podium even is white. 

“I want you all to experience this moment as the end of one long vivid dream, that you just woke from. I want you to accept that I was never actually here. I was simply a very loud and memorable character in one long interconnected and shared dream… I will visit you again.” then she broke out in laughter. It was almost cynical from an outer perspective…but imagine the inner narrative?  

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