World of Randoms

Chapter 18 – Welcome: The Neverending Sections

Each chapter released from this point, if you have noticed since we figured out we were trapped in a section, is Randomly spoken. There is no storyline here. We have no storyline in this place. You have to understand something, the artist putting these chapters together isn’t really focused on any one thing. Can you tell? If not, then that’s fine. We’re here now, you, me, myself and I. This book wasn’t written to make sense, the end of the book was written in Chapter 5…Remember me? Just a character in an everlasting shared dream who disappeared. This is our lives here, we’re all interconnected. This is a bit of history on these pages too. Not mine, but you know, someones, somewhere, somehow, it was a reality out there in this big cruel world. At some point. In someone’s life, maybe not ours. 

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