World of Randoms

Chapter 19 – Who is She?

To strike that note, make that sound. Who would know how well they would flow? 

And As she stood up, I sat down and started to write. 

“Oh what a sight, she’s taking flight!” 

Oh what a scene to see, a girl just figured out how to handle her world! 

Nothing is handed to us when we’re born, not even our parents or gender, nor our skin color, location, family generation, none of it. We haven’t a choice in the world on the day we’re born, or so we think or are led to believe. What if there is so much more we have yet to understand, to yet conceive? What if there’s that missing piece in the beginning to our understanding. Well, it is, to say the least, no one is handed a handbook on how to live their specific life or raise that specific child. 

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