World of Randoms

Chapter 20 – Depression or Decision

Motivation lacking, she yells for me to rise up…

I just glaze my eyes up to hers, and ask what’s up? 

“Get up! Get out of bed!”

“Why, what’s the point?” the lazy and depression laden voice responds. Hollowed out inside. Gutted from the thoughts…or lack thereof. The lack of motivation is deeply laced with the grips of a demon named depression, rooted deep on the inside.

Maybe there’s a reason why you don’t want to get up today. Or any other day for that matter. Maybe you don’t know the reason? And even if you did, what could you do differently? What the world difference does it make? And if you do stir, all you do is somehow find that escape again. That outlet of disappearing on the inside, sidestepping the feelings of handling that boulder up off your shoulders. 

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