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Getting back up and going again…

It’s been a long while since I last posted. Getting back up and going has been hard for me this past year. There’s been a lot to learn for me, fishing, having trouble with my garden and relationships as well. My marriage was on the rocks earlier this year but with a lot of support from a really good friend, I’ve bounced back and we’re doing well again. Operating as a team like all couples should. Needless to say, a whole lot has been going on for me. I’ve been recovering and regaining strength from malnourishment from refusal to eat until after I got surgery to help alleviate the backlash and consequences from the many reactions and bathroom runs I ended up going through in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. Good Food sources were limited and working in the grocery store at the time everyone was wiping the shelves clean of products – the demand for my presence was high which took my time away from cooking for myself and doing my garden. We had just bought a new house too in the midst of the pandemic shutdowns. I felt I didn’t have the time, but moreover, the reality in taking personal accountability, I didn’t take and make the time to process my own safe food. I fell for the “Be a hero, eat at your local restaurants. Support them.” thing. While my intentions to help local businesses were genuine, I never communicated clearly to them that the food needed to be prepared a certain way. As a prior food service worker myself, there’s nothing more annoying than someone with a complicated allergy coming into your establishment and expecting you to be the expert on their allergy issues. Lawsuit hungry people are what I was taught these people were until I gained my own allergy and suddenly got a more than humbling lifestyle shift. People with allergies just want some convenience and time-saving options too. Not someone to sue for a reaction. People with allergies have a lot they have to really look out for, especially food allergies. They also get no real convenience that your common ‘normal’ person has. I know this now and boy is karma quite a server.

I’m just now finally getting myself back online again and focused on my Corn-Tamination series or corn allergy awareness graphics on social media. I’m back up working harder and longer hours at the grocery store again, all night shifts though now. I’m juggling learning how to hunt, fishing for my food, and trying to get a garden going in this god-forsaken desert I love to live in so much. I work all night shifts because I can’t with the turbulent day setting. Sleep is a unicorn in my life right now. The vast arguments in the air and displacement I get over the respiratory mask that I wear to combat the airborne chemical cleaners that trigger my asthmatic response and cause a litany of brain fog issues and mood swings for me – what once was thought to be ‘bipolar disorder’ was actually just a litany of reactions to things I was wearing or eating, using or getting exposed to. The mask debates and fights are absolutely ridiculous and getting convoluted from facts for the agenda of the masses who are blindly following media antics. The covid vaccine debates. I’m willing to take a leap and speak my mind on this COVID-19 all over again. I had COVID before the mandates and shutdowns took place. January all the way through March, almost April actually, I was fighting a terrible upper respiratory infection that just would not kick rocks. I was tested for pneumonia and other things only to later find out that I survived the notorious COVID-19 – naturally. No antibiotics, no inhalers, no Nyquil or Dayquil to get me through the symptoms or lighten the problem. The moment I thought Mucinex was a good idea, my body quickly reminded me that it just deteriorates my immune system further to take in anything with corn derivatives. I fought off COVID-19 with herbal teas, sleep, and a total dietary shift to all-natural, processed right in my kitchen, superfoods packed with herbs that contain nutritional content that helped my immune system get back on track and fight off that wretched virus. I only threw myself off track a month or two later eating out frequently. I won’t be doing that again. 

All the mandates and restrictions proposed are just absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. Not everyone can go to a doctors office safely without being faced with reactions to their allergies. Not everyone can trust their doctor and a lot of us end up having to educate our doctors about this allergy. I am one of the few who gave up on doctors and don’t even bother wasting my time and money – most questions I ask them I can find answers to through trial and error as well as researching away my days until I find the answer needed. Being a part of the corn allergy scene has taught me doctors don’t know anything past what they’re taught in schools and schools are not really there to teach us to think but to teach us to fall in line with narratives they push us to believe and run with. I remember when going to school for Visual communications the flood of advertising for medical workers was a huge thing. Now the medical industry is flooded with people who thought they’d be making more money than they are with student debt over their heads stressing them so much that your health is the last thing on their conscience at the end of the day. 

I want to vent here in this post a bit, with all the virtue-signaling going on and ‘inclusion’ crap being pushed around the country, no one is batting an eye at all the lies on and in our food, health, medical and hygiene products nor is anyone concerned with all these smelly biological altering chemicals being pumped through our air fresheners and cleaners. Lab-created chemicals that ‘help’ cut corners from actually eating real food or medicine through nutritious and healthy habits. It’s baffling to me how diluted our education system has gotten and how to mislead a whole 2-3 generations of people are when it comes down to accountability and responsibility. Nobody is responsible for you except you, yourself, and you. We’ve reached a point in society though that everyone is looking for ‘mommy and daddy’(government) to ‘give us’ what we want or ‘deserve’ and it’s just flat out disgusting to me. 

Nobody is responsible for your health, your food, your life, or any aspect of the choices you make with any of it. You are. Period. We need to collectively learn this and take our power back as individuals. Interdependence is what we need to be reaching for and getting away from these codependent survival thought processes that we’re collectively holding onto and pushing. We aren’t cavemen anymore but we should still know how to live out of our own backyards if it came down to it. It’s alarming how many people don’t even know where asparagus comes from or how it grows. I’ve even had teenagers tell me that banana peels aren’t biodegradable. It makes me crazy inside. More people can name off a litany of logos and companies than they can animals, plants, or even star constellations. These same people are clueless, basing their life off horoscopes and living mostly unhealthy in one way or another and if they are healthy they probably have a Rolodex of pills they’re on and off of with their doctor. Needlessly might I add? Doctors are no longer a guide for us but a pharmaceutical salesman pushing fancy drugs that these pharmaceutical companies push doctors to push onto us for bonus checks for their practices. If you don’t see a problem with that, then you are contributing to the problem by buying into it. 

There’s this “woke” culture going on but nobody is actually ‘woke’ – if they were we wouldn’t be fighting over skin color and statues from the olden days that built this country. There wouldn’t be all this rage over the media and social media wouldn’t be dictating so much of how we speak. We’d be worried about where our tax money is going and what’s being pumped into our food and medications in more detail and this country overall would be in a better disposition with its independence on its own resources and people’s abilities to work. It’s sad when I’m working in the grocery store and we get a new hire that isn’t a foreign person. We have this view that they’re going to be lazy – like most Americans today are. For example, I’ve seen more people from other countries who have earned their citizenship are always more often than not better workers in comparison to your average American worker who cries and complains over spilled milk and doing the task they were hired to do. They’ll opt to let the other person on the next shift do it rather than just get it done or do the right thing. Especially these younger generations. My own from the ’90s can be a bit taxing to deal with in their mindset as well. The ‘get them to do it for you’ attitude is real. Real laziness is flourishing hardcore and it appears that we’ve all lost our way and memory of how our ancestors got us here today. It is exactly why the current administration thinks they can push massive mandates and testing on a virus vaccine that isn’t their place to be making such a push. Educating the masses of its existence like they did ebola is all they should be doing and letting us handle it individually the way we see fit for ourselves. They can’t do that though because it has been effectively obvious that the lack of education both on our constitutional rights and mental attitude on how we are supposed to go about our lives has been largely diluted and poisoned with the mindset that someone else will do it or fix it for us. Our health included. It is the biggest lie and threat to freedom there is today. Many people think depression is curable by a pill rather than lifestyle and diet changes. Very rarely is a pill a fix-all for any situation. Many of our issues are created by our choices to keep chemical-laden products in our own faces day in and day out. From air fresheners to your hand sanitizers and soaps, hygiene products that throw off your metabolism and adrenal systems as well as your hormone levels.   

Politics aside and the numbers are thrown at us regarding COVID are all speculatory debates meant to divide and distract us from facts regarding our own personal power and potentials in creating our own healthy happy lives.

In all of this though, I see no avenue for us with the corn allergy to take a vaccine without some level of serious consequences for the more sensitive. Many people don’t realize the push for these vaccines is going hand in hand with some of these population control freaks that support killing babies before they’re born in the light of ‘it’s a woman’s right’. I suppose it’s just human nature to try and play god and control things outside of our legitimate control. I just want to point out the ingredients of just about every single OTC and even prescribed medication has some kind of delivery method base that is corn or chemical derived or synthesized/created. What makes you think the vaccine is going to be safe for me? For the vaccine pushers, they could give a crap less about my life. They want to make those like me the enemy for not taking the vaccine and also spewing all of these facts we’ve come to learn about our state of the world today in regards to health and food. I’m the crazy one, who sits here reading lots and lots, knows how to make my own food from scratch, and sidestep even the tiniest of a cold for 2 years as well as all these new strains of covid that keep coming out. I have not been sick outside of an allergy attack or response since I got over COVID-19 in 2020. My life matters just as much like yours and if you want to cry about me not getting the vaccine, let me know why my choice is actually seriously affecting your life? It’s not. It really isn’t. You’re regurgitating brainwashing nonsense if you think my choice not to get vaccinated is seriously affecting you on the other end of the screen here. Let me point out that there is not a cure for AIDS  and no vaccine for HIV yet either and it’s much more deadly in consequences than COVID could ever be, in my opinion. 

I think the Epstein Barr virus is a bigger issue than COVID as well. It is a silent killer that stacks onto your body a multitude of health dilemmas before triggering either an autoimmune disorder or cancer in your body. No doctor bats an eye at trying to help your body eliminate this or keep this virus suppressed, they just blindly are making money for the pharma industries off of the litany of pills they push your way to bandage the litany of thyroid, gut, and immune system issues it triggers through time living with it. About 90% of people come into contact or contract it and another high percentage is dealing with problems from it but never told that their EBV dormancy in their system has reactivated and contributed to their thyroid failure or IBS or sudden autoimmune disorder onslaught. MS and Lupus are both linked to EBV and so are lymphoma-type cancers. All 3 of those are hugely popular in the medical world right now and go to diagnosis for mystery issues. I even had a doctor try scaring me into thinking I had lymphoma – it was really just the corn allergy development and my body not being the typical standard human body reacting to allergies like normal allergies studied. My body actually acts like it has an autoimmune disorder and will attack itself days after a corn exposure and these attacks can last a week or two, sometimes more. Sometimes they’re mild and tolerable and other times they are crippling – literally. 

Anyway – I could go on all day on this stuff but I’ve made my point here pretty clear. I don’t support the attitude of ‘fix it for me or do it for me’ nor do I support the idea of vaccine mandates. I will always push independent thought processes. I don’t agree with the mainstream narratives being pushed. They’re as misleading as the advertising industry on food saying “All natural!”. I don’t think you should be leaning on doctors’ guidance for pill usage so much as you should be getting to know your own body and it’s needs naturally and finding ways to obtain these things through natural means rather than through lazier means that leave you open to being a guinea pig. 

In my upcoming posts, I’ll be getting back into my Corn-tamination series or corn allergy awareness graphics. I am also now taking requests again for graphics and products. I can do stickers, flyers, business cards, the whole nine yards but I am attempting to really focus and gather all the information I can from public sources online on how items on the corn derivatives list that we dodge as corn allergy people are made or how exactly they are corn contaminated. I’ve been finding this information rather elusive or difficult to find for the lab-created and synthesized elements, I guess it’s not cool for their business to let us know exactly how they make this stuff. It’s come down to a conclusion that anything made in a lab is likely corn chemical contaminated in one-way shape or form. Though some derivatives are actually naturally occurring and not always made in a lab or from corn. I’ll be uploading some graphics soon enough, everything is still slow-moving for me as my time consumption and management now involve juggling in fishing and hunting for my own food. 

This corn allergy has unveiled to me that I can’t even buy store-bought meats except from Circle C Farms who only uses apple cider vinegar and water for their acid washes on their meats they sell. It’s god awful expensive too for meat for me… so in an effort to cut some costs, increase my physical health and expand my diet, I’m now learning how to hunt and fish on top of trying to keep plants alive in the heart of this Arizona desert I live in AND work a job to keep the bills paid and a roof over my head. Talk about juggling what feels like impossible tasks. Converting from the “Fix it for me, rescue me.” attitude to the “I got this, I’ll do it myself.” is not easy. I complain about all that I did above because I used to be just as clueless and entitled as the rest of the country who are screaming at everyone like Nazis to get a vaccine they don’t trust. And rightfully so, do not trust that vaccine or the administration’s agenda at hand. Something IS NOT RIGHT HERE! 

Respectfully – I’ll agree to disagree with anyone who disagrees with these statements regarding COVID. I’m no healthcare professional but I speak from my own experiences and personal development standpoints. I’ve lost a few friends this past year who had the vaccine and oddly enough, they were fine up until after they had the vaccine. Hmmm… I wonder… nonetheless I have to keep trudging through and I will follow my gut instincts to avoid this with my life if I have to. I will fight for my right to choose and I will gladly die for it if it comes down to it. Over my dead body will you be sticking a vaccine in my arm that I don’t trust or agree with.

I have a long way to go to really becoming independent on my food and other resources but it’s become more than pertinent that I must because for those with a corn allergy – there is no knight in shining armor coming to save us from the corn in the industry and there is no company out there that is actually going to be honest and transparent on their products 100% of the time. I look for the day but I’m not counting on it to happen. It is a unicorn, that ‘corn-free, corn allergy labeled’ requirement. Corn has too much money and hand in too many industries to go down and much like our rights to decide what’s good for our health nowadays, we don’t get to decide how honest companies are going to be with us. We’re all just guinea pigs here in my opinion, especially if you’re not making your own food and herbal medicines yourself. 

All food for thought – open for debates and speculation if you so desire. I suggest heavily researching anything in question and don’t just run with the first few articles google spews off to you. Research takes a good few minutes to do properly. You’re no expert if you just do a quick google search and read. Remember, these search engines and social media apps are tailored to what you or ‘they’ want you to see and believe, not what you need to think for yourself. Just food for thought when you’re out there searching for answers if you are one who does such!

So… no further ado, I’ll be working through the calcium derivatives this upcoming week and should have some posted in the next few weeks. Keep an eye on my Reddit page or Facebook and Instagram pages for free awareness graphics you can save and share away. We need more awareness and if you’re going to be part of a virtue-signaling party, help us out too. Don’t just go plastering #metoo or some other hashtag movement everywhere so carelessly and keep purchasing from large companies that support and play into trafficking on the down-low. Support local, support mom and pop shops, and spread education where you can about those who are seriously left out of the overall social heard. #cornallergy life isn’t even remotely easy nor is society even remotely inclusive to our needs for products that are both affordable and safe for us.

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