Why are you Deleting Facebook?

Where do I start? The answer is simply this: Why keep Facebook when you get shut down and can’t use the platform every couple of months? They’re literally shutting me down for 30 days for a posted note that was private, on my own personal page, posted over a month ago. Nobody could even see it except me. To top it off? It was a facetious joke towards a workplace situation dealing with the dry and crude humor I was dealing with from men in the workplace. So much for empowering women. So much for keeping us connected too. I’m over this platform and its nonsense overbearing influences on my relationships. Half my posts hardly get out to family or friends as they’re clueless every time about my allergy posts saying they never see it.

It’s run by ‘bots’ that dictate whether or not you are in line with community standards. These bots have no idea what context is nor do they understand dry and dark humor. Even if you share something to your wall with a privacy setting to only yourself – it can be grounds for them to freeze you and shut your voice down for a number of days. That’s actually what has happened and is my final straw going into 2022. I’m done with it. Facebook is fired. The trendsetting and everything they do. Fired from me. I was almost done with it when they silenced Trump and a number of other folks. In light of freedom to run your platform how you please, I guess it’s okay to kick a few loud-mouthed opinionated political figures off the platform, even though they had some valid points and influence. Kind of scary to really debate that debauchery. 

I’ve had many battles with them over my crude humor on my personal page and posts in groups I have been in. Now that I’m on their radar, they’re looking at me with an extra fine-tooth comb more often than others. 

Why am I going to stay on a platform and have to fight to stay on it and be able to post or be heard? It seems a little more than over the top to silence people on a platform meant to ‘connect’ people. I have for the longest time held onto facebook simply for my corn allergy group access for information, but even that is a bit stressful with how manipulative the search bar can be on that app. My husband is in that group and can search for anything I need in that group. I actually kind of hate being cornered to Facebook to connect with people who have similar problems. I’d like to find something more local to accommodate the need for acceptance and inclusion as a human. This virtual world seems like a real waste of time considering how much time I actually need to be spending cooking, cleaning, gardening, fishing, working, and dealing with routine issues and activities. 

I’ve been having issues on and off for about 3 years with Facebook and their bots. I’m not willing to waste the time jumping through hoops to talk to a person on Facebook who doesn’t have a clue any more than their bots do, and in all honesty, why in the world do we have a need for bots with an employee shortage? If people need to get paid to do something and don’t want to leave their homes and want to stay home scrolling online, why not hire them? That’d be more effective than having an AI program running the platform and it would help our economy out somehow I’m sure. Just my two cents on the matter – being rather sarcastic though on all of that.  

There are a number of things getting skewed and manipulated on social media and with that being said, I’ll tell you and everyone wondering why I’m deleting to go watch this documentary on Netflix. I’ve told many people to go on Netflix and watch the Social Dilemma – it’ll explain a little more about what Facebook and other ‘free’ social networking platforms are actually doing. The damages done to our social climate are all but obvious and irreversible at this point I think, especially with the number of people fooled into believing this is the only way to stay connected with friends and family. I’ve had several argue me not to remove my social media accounts. I’ll tell you, my days are numbered either way because I don’t agree with their narrative, and freedom of speech is all but getting publically hung by everyone saying they value it. 

As I was telling my friends, the way the algorithms work, I’m not getting any traction anyway because I don’t agree with mandating vaccines for COVID and I don’t support any of the big companies that won’t take a corn allergy into consideration when making their products. They’d rather me shut up and die. All this talk on social media about mental health awareness and all this other stuff on inclusion this or that… it’s a little taxing and hypocritical. Even those I consider pretty close to me are rather clueless when they start toting these virtue-signaling statements that connote changes but bring forth no fruition to actual changes occurring in society other than perpetuating an ever-evolving and turbulent social climate. I don’t speak in a way that pleases everyone either. It’s not my forte. What can I say? I wasn’t born a public speaker or influencer. I just like to be ‘mouthy’ as I’ve been told but moreover, I like to be helpful where I can in the most honest way I can – being my authentic self the entire time. 

So there’s the answer. I’m done fighting with the bots, I’m not going to start a new Facebook page and email up every time they block me. I’m going to bring everything right here to my website. With all this being said… You can bank on things shifting around on my website in the upcoming months… as if there isn’t a mountain in front of this change of things that I need to get done already. 

I’ll continue posting on Instagram and Facebook Business for now through Instagram and their business tools, this will be coming to a halt as my personal accounts are deleted – permanently. Not just deactivated, deleted. Permanently. I will not be starting another one up if I absolutely do not need to for business purposes. So long as the bots leave my Instagram account alone, that’ll be up for a good amount of time. My intention however is to remove myself from these platforms and take my freedom of speech to my own website where no bots can dictate and misunderstand me and then silence me when it’s the time we are all connecting the most.