#CornAllergy Life Adaptations

Life outside the “Norm”

So here I am, a week later… Life outside the “Norm” No social media and I quit smoking or identifying as a Nicotine user or cigarette smoker. I’ve texted my closest friends and family. Spoke with family I haven’t heard from in years because we were using Facebook to ‘stay connected’ but they hadn’t seen my post in years. I hadn’t seen theirs either. Little nuances…We’d not been getting connected more but mined for advertising by Facebook bots and distracted more into reels and other scroll activating hijack methods social media has developed to psychologically entrap and distract you with… disconnecting from social media brought together more connections this past week than I’ve experienced with friends or family in the past 2 years alone. I have also actually had more conversations with my neighbor as well. Astonishing. These small changes have also streamlined my productivity. Did I mention I dropped nicotine at the same time essentially? All these addictive things – gone. Overnight essentially. No withdrawals, no major desire to go back either, if any desire at all – a little reframing trick and recommendation at the end if you stay with me to then. I’ll say this exact paragraph at the end again – I promise I’ll include the reference to information that helped me achieve this. Although it’s a combination of things that have led up to this change. 

I held onto Facebook for years, constantly playing into the scroll, share, repeat cycles. Kept it to “Keep in touch” or publicize and spread a message. Connect. Share. Years ago when Facebook started shortly after Myspace fizzled out, I joined and it was a relatively decent application and platform for all of that. Slowly though… it’s morphed into a very manipulative platform – the ads are a constant and subliminally programmatic messaging system to your brain’s neuro network and studies are all over showing its addictive nature being the equivalent of hard drug intake. To me it is all but obvious that my attention is being mined, I’m being used and at the same time – I’m being played. Why though, do I pick up on this and want to actually get irate and want to take action against it rather than feed into the initial excuses to keep and use Facebook? Why is it when I say something, everyone looks at me like I’m over the top, out of place, and just being unacceptable? To me, explaining it simply: It’s like nicotine, a little bit in your system will keep you coming back for more. A little scroll will make you want to come back for more, a reaction or comment – the whole nine yards. It’s interesting… what did we humans do before all these social media platforms? Can anyone remember? Are we all lulled out and herded in real good so much so we can’t get our freedom back? Has it already gone too far? The current health crisis being portrayed through massively bought out lies has also made its way… the truth is deemed a lie and the lies the truth now. Debate the masks and vaccine again and we’ll open that can of worms real quick to reveal the fact and truth that we really do not know what we don’t know – only what we’re being told and nobody remembers or knows how to look for themselves anymore. It’s annoying for someone like myself who likes to obtain and constantly challenge myself to new heights even though now I’m severely restricted in many ways and currently am battling with my own mental blockades and financial ones as well. The backlash of not charging for your work and not wanting to hurt someone else’s wallet who is struggling just as you are. Helping also hurts me somewhat sometimes. I’m not complaining, it’s just the facts. Either way, I value the right and ability to dispute things and research or find differing research information. I do not like the idea of having only one single source. I actually hate that some things aren’t allowed in some country’s or we’re not allowed to see or listen to some music from other countries. It’s just a little baffling, to me it’s what makes any flat earther seem to have a valid point even though I wouldn’t agree with them for the life of me that the earth be flat. It’s round in my opinion and from everything I’ve gathered in my personal experiences and deductions from my own observations and discoveries.  

Let me just say that I value my freedom of speech as well as my freedom to learn from various resources, obtain different opinions, and more along those lines. Furthermore, I appreciate my freedom to choose and also to ‘level up’ so to speak. I was taught growing up that Knowledge was power and something no one could take from you. To this day, I still find that to be true. As a child I spent a good amount of time outside rather than watching TV – however, I do remember if they did get me to sit down and watch, I was watching the discovery channel, Steve Irwin if anything. Other things I could dig into were Scooby-Doo, Dexters Lab, and also Tom & Jerry. The rest of it I kind of glazed over and had no interest in, good luck getting me to stay seated if I had no interest in what was on the TV. Other things that captured my interest were spelling and grammar, the human language also fascinated me as a child. I played into the Spelling Bee Scene for quite a few years. I loved math but sucked at it and also loved biology – also sucked in that class besting it with a C or B on average. In my really young days like 8-10, I used to play teacher if I could during summer breaks, somehow having had gotten my hands on teachers’ edition materials for science and English or grammar classes. It was all fun playing teacher – in order to teach, you must know and have learned for yourself. It was so fascinating to see what the teacher was provided to provide a classroom of 20+ kids to me too. These were thoughts I was having at 8 years old. We loved playing outside in the dirt. Gathering critters and driving our mom up the wall with all the new pets. I even brought home a snake one time to my dismay, my parents weren’t going to allow me to keep mr Snake like I could mr Frog for a few days – all of them I had to let go under the logic of “How are you going to feed them when their food sources are gone in the winter?” We were in the country so the pet store wasn’t something I was familiar with until way later in life. We got our dogs from breeders or the stray pups from dogs down the street who had babies. My somewhat city life consisted of streetball and breaking into the brick yards to play games and at night we would piss off our trailer park residents by going ‘trailer roof hopping’ at a particular trailer park in the area – all the trailers were just close enough together we kids could make it from trailer top to trailer top. It was all fun and games until someone decided to blow a hole in their own trailer roof to deter us kids from continuing this nuisance another week. The police could never catch us or do anything about it back then.  

Does this childhood sound foreign to you, crazy maybe? If so, you were probably born after 1998 or so. Maybe later, it also would depend on your location as well. The way we kept in touch was good old-fashioned telephones, some had pagers- I didn’t or if I did, I don’t remember it honestly. Some phones you had to roll to the number to dial it. I had a couple like that growing up. I remember when Dial-Up internet or AOL became a thing. When the internet became all the rage and the beginning of my own new connections with people all over the USA. I had made friends in Arkansas on AOL chats and Yahoo Chat Rooms. Pen Pals in Washington State. I remember when Myspace came about. I also remember all the psychological crap I was having to learn and maneuver through in my life dealing with addicts and alcoholics influencing and co-raising me with guardians. Dealing with Child Protective Services, the police on and off over the years, and constant counseling. Let me also funnel in the fact that where I grew up was on the bible belt and the little one-horse town that I partially was raised in was also an old plantation town. There were social tensions between colors, after all, growing up there, all the, and I quote ‘‘colored’ folk lived on the south side of the tracks down the way, careful round dem der parts’ – something I never quite understood because a few of my good friends lived in that hood, even after it was explained to me by their parents and mine. I always just blinked and argued it. I naturally got along with nobody very well because everyone wanted to make fun of my fire-red hair so it seemed to me that skin color was just yet another stupid thing people were mean to each other about – I never could understand why people would just go with it or had to go with a group – can’t we all just get along? Up until a year or two after I moved you could take a historic tour of what used to be slave housing remnants. All these experiences and naturally wired thoughts I had combined and created a perfect storm to create an anxious mess of an overthinker just like me. I’m not so anxious anymore but I do have my bouts and setbacks. Agoraphobic tendencies do exist in me. I don’t like crowds and I don’t typically like people – at least that’s what I say. I do like people but only in small spurts and I’m not everyone’s friend nor am I anyone’s enemy either. I can say I have always wanted to help people see things differently and live life a little more easily. Happily. Funnily. It’s too short for anything else really. 

I can’t regurgitate simply all the epiphanies and realizations I’ve had over the years regarding food, health, mental and physical that is, manipulative advertising tactics, social herd norms, addictions, brainwashing, etc. It’s extremely hard to say it in a way that people will understand – especially those who haven’t been through on any level whatsoever what I’ve been through. Not to mention, people, in general, are just really easy to manipulate – you can get someone to question what they know is fact by putting them in a room full of people who are denying said fact until that individual folds and goes with the room full of people so as to not look like the crazy one. I’ve known a friend who had convinced his mom with a group of his friends that hummingbirds lived in hives as hornets did. Not knowing about how to do her own research, she went on for years without questioning her son and his friends’ conviction of this truth to her until one day in a setting with other people and the topic of hummingbirds came up in discussion was she proven wrong with a quick google search did she find herself appalled that her own son would lie to her and let her believe something like that for so long. People aren’t just naive or easily manipulated, they’re gullible and reliant on who they think they can trust and with certain sources, will never question a thing. While this is comical to think about, the gravity of this truth should be eye-opening. You should be desiring to start questioning a lot of what you think you know to be true. 

I can tell you that I have a bachelor’s degree in visual communications and graphic design. In my schooling, they teach you how to use the manipulation of society on an advertising level. Marketing tactics. Social Psychology. Oh my goodness… the little things make a huge difference in affecting the buying and purchasing power over people’s habits, everything from color to placement can influence your choice between Redbull and coffee. I’ve never liked getting manipulated and have taken even less liking to play into manipulating people for anything. I don’t like to manipulate. I rather educate and let you choose. Let Darwinism go for the win. I found that I didn’t like playing the games of this field and ended up just playing machine operator for years after dropping out of the design field. I’d rather not be one of the key players assembling graphics to influence you to make purchases on credit with money you don’t have – I’d rather tell the public to look into spending habits and better money management that didn’t get taught to us in schools. 

Don’t get me wrong, I had to go through a few mistakes myself to learn the hard way to see some of these things for truth rather than speculation. The beauty and ugliness to freedom right here actually…People are free to use other people’s naivety or gullibility for their own financial gains. After learning it is like this and that it isn’t common sense for anyone even when it gets explained drove me bonkers, why are these places still in business? Even after getting exposed? It made me turn an eye onto the pharmaceutical industry as it shouldn’t be in business on the scale that it is… their aim is to research and bandage things – not cure or prevent and their hand in our health care industry is just alarming as healthcare is supposed to be guidance and education, not dictation over your actions… All of this…discovered when my corn allergy development came into play in my life at age 22, it made me go down rabbit holes that I have had traumatic epiphanies from that are even harder to regurgitate to my family much less a society that has been systematically manipulated, programmed, and dumbed down by the very platforms we seek to use to connect and share on. We’re being herded, collectively. And it’s amazing to see it unfold through these eyes. I wish I could share the world through my eyes with you all – it’s a beautifully disgusting place. So much potential for chaos or peace and how easily does it get tipped to one side or the other by one small inky dink thing. 

In some spats, in this past week alone I’ve had a few people point out to me that if I delete my profile, my comments and recommendations from the past 10 years in support groups would be removed as if I never existed on the platform. I know this to be true because I have other friends who have deleted their profiles as well. Going back through memories I can see where I was bantering with them on my Facebook posts, but their comments are no longer even there. It looks like you’re having a conversation with yourself. I also notice censorship on crude humor items. There’s entirely way too much mental coddling going on – in other words ‘they’ are telling you what to think, do, say, feel, etc. How are you free when you’re getting pushed to think a certain way or see only specific things that would lead you to think a very specific way? If some of my comments get removed because of crude humor – I’m just irritated over that. If they’re removed or flagged because it’s a debated opinion – hmm…. Red flag on freedom again. 

Getting shut down from interacting on Facebook coming right into the holiday for something I posted weeks ago, privately for myself only to see might I add, right as we go into the holiday season as I’m about to offer some discounts on my services – they affect my ability to run my business page because of it and it is my final straw not to use their platform. Instagram is on a very thin line as well – I’ll likely use it for a bit, but while I get myself recentered and focused on actions that will take me further for my own wealthy and healthy life – I can tell you spending even 10 minutes a day consistently on social media is a waste of my time. I’ve got down my diet finally, I know I can’t use packaged goods except for what I have down right now with certain canned items. While I want to help people who also struggle with this corn allergy, bantering or getting caught up in drama on posts on Facebook is unproductive and time-sucking of precious time that could be spent growing your food, making treats in the kitchen, or researching nourishing dietary alternatives to the fortified foods everyone else thinks they’re so blessed and got it made to be able to eat ‘without consequences’ – honestly I think those of us eating a clean corn-free life are better off than everyone else. You’re dodging a lot of pharmaceutical-dependent lifestyle and health ordeals by eating a clean natural diet. 

I don’t like being controlled or dictated and I enjoy the freedom to weigh differences and try new things as well as to make comments and suggestions that aren’t in the classic norm. I didn’t really think anything I had previously posted had any weight or helped anyone – After all, I don’t get any notifications or comments all that often. Replies are scarce. It wasn’t until a week after I deleted my profile that I started to get a few texts and emails about certain comments and posts on my page regarding recommendations that had helped just a few people. I am not gaining anything by helping you and leaving it up as it is I can argue and say that it is a matter of time if censorship keeps going the way it goes on these platforms that those recommendations or suggestions are removed either way. It seems apparent to me that your own health knowledge rights are being revoked and that the only people allowed freedom of speech is the press and government now. This is just…alarming. I say speak louder, those of us in the back here. I guess I’ll leave what I have up and take notes as I watch ‘them’ unravel everything to try and fit it all towards a universal agenda. Mind you, that universal image doesn’t involve everyone. 

I told a family member this past week that I don’t speak in a way that is pleasant or appealing to most if anyone that is ‘normal’ – I live a life outside the norm. I felt insignificant, I voiced, to which they told me that things I had fought with them about years ago were now tidal waves of truth in their life. That my significance may not be seen today but I’d be one of those people who wouldn’t be heard until after deceased – the message won’t become popular until way later. Subtle but potent commentary. It’s inspired me to go remain on the platform at least for reference sake but you won’t be able to get in touch or stay in the loop on what’s going on with me there. Email or text is the best way to communicate with me now. I’ll now have way more time to focus on action and research. Gardening has actually made some progress this past week as well as kitchen streamlining. Amazing what a few little app removals from your day will open you up to productivity-wise. Once you get over the idea that you need validation from other people, dropping Facebook or social media is going to happen a lot easier for you. 

Saying it again here at the end – So here I am, a week later… Life outside the “Norm” – I’ve texted my closest friends and family. Spoke with family I haven’t heard from in years because we were using Facebook to ‘stay connected’ but they hadn’t seen my post in years. I hadn’t seen theirs either. Little nuances…We’d not been getting connected more but mined and distracted more… disconnecting from social media brought together more connections this past week than I’ve experienced with friends or family in the past 2 years alone. It also streamlined my productivity. Did I mention I dropped nicotine at the same time essentially? All these addictive things – gone. Overnight essentially. No withdrawals, no major desire to go back either, if any desire at all. I certainly don’t miss nicotine or scrolling on Facebook, to be honest. I don’t miss being controlled by the ‘big and little monster’ – kill the little monster, kill the big one too. The big one has a lot more to do with the herd and social norms than it does with physical symptoms. It’s more along the lines of your belief system. I will recommend and say for anyone reaching this point to go check out Atomic habit and also Alan Carr’s Easy Way To Quit Smoking – it’ll help reframe you about addiction even if you aren’t a smoker at all – the knowledge in that book regarding pharma and food and other industries is just simply put in such a way that I can’t dismiss it. It needs to be shared… It just gave me a huge epiphany about getting manipulated and used and well… inspired me not only to be able to simply kick American Spirits forever and avoid any other nicotine replacement routes that are inevitably corn contaminated and causing harm either way.  It’s inspired me to analyze my habits a little more closely – am I being controlled, or am I the one in control? Emotions are easy to be manipulated and I’ve been an emotional creature, we all are to some degree at a certain point or another in our lives… this isn’t an excuse not to learn how to manage them and elevate above them to take control of your life and live your best happy life possible.