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Adult Corn Allergy Onset And Epstein Barr Virus Connected?

Let me rewind – I started elaborating on all my allergy symptoms but failed to express a theory in my previous posts. Maybe I did touch on them but I had to screech myself to a halt and write this one topic because it constantly keeps finding its way back into the topics in the threads in the groups, I also have tried posting before about EBV in the corn allergy community but feel it gets a little…misunderstood as it is a lot of stuff I’ve stumbled into over the years that I can’t regurgitate in a simple way. I wanted to take a moment to dedicate an entire post about it. I’ve spent probably about 3 years in total where I literally spent every waking extra moment outside of my career job, researching. Looking things up from test results that I had received from my doctors. In 2014 I’d been told that I had a level 1 corn intolerance/allergy. Just before all of bloodwork on my IgE tests, they’d sent me to an Oncologist. Because of my idiopathic and painful lymphadenopathy, inconclusive biopsies and the plethora of fatigue and chronic pain symptoms I was exhibiting, they were convince I had Non-Hodgkins or Hodgkins lymphoma. (Them being the doctors)

Looking back through my notes here I remember now, sitting in the oncologist office after they had gotten their blood tests results back. Dr. Roberts, all lackadaisical and nonchalant like, informs me that according to his tests that I may have had a reactivation of EBV, Epstein Barr Virus, in my system. I freaked, I had never heard of Epstein Barr Virus before so I had a million and a half questions. Was it an STD? Was it curable? At that point the doctor calmed me down with an assertive “9/10 people get this, most people don’t have any issues with it. It’s mono, you’ve had mono before right?” I shook my head yes, I think so, don’t remember but surely I have if your tests are showing I have.

I’ll leave some links down at the end of this article for reference for your own research into Epstein Barr Virus. I strongly encourage you to read into it for yourself for your own understanding. 90% of our population is infected. It’s more of a pandemic than COVID19 is as far as I’m concerned, and no I’m not saying COVID19 doesn’t have some longterm potential to be harmful to us as a whole but I will say it’s becoming pretty apparent the health care industry needs to wake up and so does our food industry. They’re feeding this virus and systematically making people sick – whether it’s on purpose or not is up for total debate but I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole here. I will go ahead and make this loud and clear that I am NOT a healthcare professional and am only regurgitating what I understand about my own situation and the findings I’ve made on my journey and life.

No two people have the same journey, no matter the amount of similarities we may hold…your situation is different and needs to be approached as your own situation – not mine or anyone else’s.

There are some articles I can no longer share because as of December 2019/January 2020 a lot of articles I had bookmarked were suddenly removed from the internet. I cannot find where they got moved to or why they were removed in the first place – they just no longer exist. If I had known this would ever happen I would have printed them off or screen shotted them. One article had to do with a scientific research study regarding a vaccination mishap – where there were vaccines that were contaminated with EBV in the mid to late 70’s or early 80’s – this resulted in a massive influx of EBV infections in the population. With the social climate today and all the censorship and misinformation being funneled back out to the public, I don’t know what to think about this and you can call me whatever you like or call this boo honkey but this has been my experience…I’m a lot of things but I am not a liar, thief or scam artist. I’m a genuine human who likes to be helpful, insightful and educational to anyone and everyone I can. If I’m speaking non-facts, it is not on purpose and seriously based out of experience and what I’ve come to conclude from my experiences.

Now Mono is an everyday diagnosis for teenagers and adults alike with fatigue, swollen sore lymph nodes, fever, aches, and a sore throat. Typically lasts between 2 weeks to 6 months for folks. You might get a few antibiotics or something but they’ll tell you to take OTC medications and rest with plenty of fluids. What the doctors don’t tell you when they diagnose you with Mono is that you’ve actually been infected with the Epstein Barr Virus that will go dormant in your system for the rest of your life. For some people it’s dormant for the rest of your life, others it is only dormant up until you reach certain stressful circumstances. That’s when this opportunistic virus waits to siege your body and wreak havoc on everything from your lymphatic system and thyroid all the way to your gut and immune system.

I had gotten Mono in my teen years at some point, probably around 11 or 12 years old. I had a reactivation at 16 or 17 and shortly after was diagnosed with a Thyroid problem because I couldn’t lose weight all of a sudden. No matter what I ate or did exercise wise, I was a fat girl. Clocking in at almost 209 pounds at one point in my early 20’s. They’d sent me off with Levothyroxine which I stopped taking by the time I was 21 because it did not do anything for me and I can quite frankly recall it making me feel ‘odd’ every time I took it. By the time I was 21, I was experiencing a lot of gut issues that were more than what I personally considered my norm and by 22 I had a partner point out to me that something was wrong. I can remember around these different times with different ailment developments that I had several migraines and periods of time where I fell ill and had to call out of work either due to food poisoning or having a fever and sniffles – probably at several of those points were probably another reactivation of the virus due to all the stress in my life. At what point the corn allergy was actually initiated, I’m not certain. I’m also not 100% sure it feeds the EBV but from cause and effect, it certainly doesn’t suppress it.

Here I’m going to stop and explain that your health and stress levels go hand in hand. Your stress levels can literally cripple your immune system’s ability to respond properly, you will get sick more often with a high stress filled life. Look at anyone who suffers any great amount of health complications and you’ll find a common denominator amongst their lives – stress and drama are typically high. So will be their health issues. I have also personally experienced this with my own life. The more stressed I get – the sickness frequency, migraines, IBS symptoms, fevers, all become frequent and chronic. The better I manage my responses to stress and emotions, the less sick I become. I can honestly say I haven’t had a cold or even so much as a sniffle since March 2019 now and before that I hadn’t gotten sick for almost a 2 years before December 2019. Apparently I’m now on a mission to become a zen master where nothing and no one in this world can control me. I control my responses and emotions – this is a lot of personal healing work on so many levels.

Epstein Barr Virus is an opportunistic virus. It is in the herpes family and is much like the common cold sore virus, which waits until your immune system is weakened to initiate cold sores around the mouth. Ever notice that when you get cold sores, the next week you’re pretty much down with a minor cold or something? The reason for this is that your body has taken it’s focus off of suppressing the cold sore virus and is fighting with something else, which the cold sore virus then turns around says “Oh…I can go crazy!!” and it goes crazy letting loose a break out. Until your immune system is done fighting off per-say the common cold or something and comes back to suppress it again. Epstein Barr Virus will sit dormant until your immune system is distracted, then it does a huge amount of damage to certain systems in your body that will never go back to being the same as it was before the virus attacked. My thyroid tests normal but I will always have intermittent thyroid disruptions and symptoms due to the damage this virus has done.

Chronic EBV is definitely a thing for people who don’t get it under control early on in life. Epstein Barr Virus has been getting a lot more research in recent years but not enough focus in my personal opinion. This virus is linked with a plethora of Autoimmune disorders now. When I was first researching this in 2015 they were just beginning to connect Lupus and MS with this virus. A plethora of health complications can be connected to the way this virus hijacks our immune system and B cells – it literally affects the genetic make up of your cells and how they work. This will lead to a litany of dysfunctions in the body. Wait too late to get this under control and you may have some pretty irreversible damages.

The reason why I ended up jumping down this rabbit hole of research on EBV was that it was the only link the doctors had found that was a solid explanation for my extremely painful and chronic lymph node swellings. I mean this pain was INTENSE & NONSTOP. I remember in September of 2015 complaining of migraines associated with pain in my neck. There was a nodule in my neck that was somewhat hard but mushy at the same time, extremely painful to press on. The pain wasn’t just in the nodules/lymph nodes but in the joints nearby them. That pain is like a hot searing blade sitting in the joint for me. I originally thought these were cysts popping up all over my body. The pain in my neck is still consistent to this day, but with poultice treatments and herbal teas it has been effectively dulled down.

The Oncologist at that time overlooked any potential importance of treating Epstein Barr Virus reactivations. He said they had no treatment options for it. They wanted to pill rolodex me onto some Gabapentin and some narcotics which I refused as I did not want to be on narcotics and back down the route of pill popping. I was not liking that the doctors were all wanting to prescribe a litany of medications when I’d expressed my concern with past habits. Pain medications were not what I was looking for, pain management was not what I wanted. I wanted answers as to why I was having issues and what I could do to minimize them or eliminate them. I was not getting the answers I wanted. When I asked about test results, the answers were unsatisfactory for me, so, I did what I did through school and college: Researched what I wanted to know.

I took to 5 different search engines just about every single day, on my breaks…in the bathroom, after work, before work and even when I was supposed to be hanging out with friends. I was totally focused on looking for answers regarding the Epstein Barr Virus. At this point I also knew about my corn intolerance as well – what I stumbled into on researching EBV was that it was linked to Adult Onset Allergies, especially with egg. Due to the lack of broad spectrum studies on this matter, it lead me to believe it could potentially be the reason for my adult onset corn allergy. It took me a couple years of cause and effect and a lot of reality checks for me to really accept that I had a corn allergy and that if I eat out and continue eating corn derivatives, it somehow reactivates this EBV that I deal with that creates painful lymphadenopathy and chronic fatigue/pain.

I started to find information from holistic practitioners on how to suppress EBV from the body. I even found how to remove it – but that’s almost impossible to do from what I could and continue to understand today. Between self discipline and finances that is. However, today, my current naturopath has given me a regimen of herbs and foods that help suppress EBV. I also stay pretty strict on my diet after having had undergone a surgery – albeit was minor, the pain leading up to it was not. I do not ever want to experience it again and getting upset stomach from eating corn derivatives is exactly what landed me in that situation – being stubborn for 2 years and throughout COVID19 trying to play the hero for my local restaurants by eating out my local Mexican joints and sushi joints…I kind of screwed myself there. Either way, I will not put myself through that again. Clean diet all the way for this ginger. If my husband or I didn’t make it, I’m not touching it. Unless I’ve thoroughly scoped it…and deemed it safe enough to trial.

There are a litany of lifestyle changes that you must do in order to effectively suppress this virus. Lifestyle changes from food/diet all the way to stress and emotional education/management and responses. After having done all the research on this virus alongside the findings in the support group with the corn allergy… and digging into the items on it’s list of triggers… I was left appalled and frustrated with my doctors that they were dismissing EBV as an issue all together and were focusing on simply treating the damages or symptoms it was causing me with medications that weren’t even helping – they were making things worse matter of fact.

It was around this same time period when I approached my PCP with my newfound knowledge on Compounding medications – which didn’t go over too well with her. “What do you want me to do about it?” Is not a response you expect from your doctor when you tell them the medications they’ve been prescribing you are laden with your allergy trigger and making you sick, that the pharmacist says the doctor has to order special prescriptions to avoid allergens in the fillers. But…that’s exactly what Dr. Heidi said to me, she threw her hands up in the air next to her face, exacerbated facial expression and all rude as ever “What do you want me to do about it?!?” She and all of Mountain Park Health Center lost my faith that day and I never returned to that office again. I refuse to go back as well.

Never did she even look at compounding medications to help me address symptoms nor did she even fancy the idea that my eating habits were feeding this EBV virus and causing me the chronic reactivations and sicknesses I was experiencing. They probably didn’t even know, now that I know what I know now about the virus and our health care system. The way they funnel people through school without in depth hands on experience education and all the text book only guides.

The feeling/conspiracy that health care has turned to sick care unfortunately because of all the dilution in medical science and ‘who you should trust’, seems all too real. This has been my experience but I do understand that the feeling that they didn’t care or don’t is not necessarily true. They’re human just like you and me and do not know what they do not know either and more often than not, people do not even think to ask the right questions because they believe they’re already asking the right ones and addressing the right problems meanwhile overlooking the bigger issue all together until it’s too late. Epstein Barr Virus does lead up to cancer and other disorders if left unmanaged by your immune system or if its able to damage your immune system beyond its ability to function properly. If you do not get it under control, it will end up controlling you through its own means. It re-writes genetics in your system.

Does EBV have anything to do with Allergies? Quite frankly, it’s definitely possible since it’s been identified as a link for those with Egg Allergies. The research studies are there for what has been found that it’s linked to such as certain Lymphomas and autoimmune disorders like MS and Lupus. While I find it all kind of ironic and coincidental, some of the research articles that are no longer available online to my research abilities and the censorship suddenly taking online like a wildfire, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone somewhere is trying to cover up mistakes and fluff up articles with ‘new’ information, much like our ‘mask’ debates which were previously scientifically studied and concluded ineffective for something such as COVID19 unless everyone were to take to a specific type of respirator mask and filter – and even then the virus would be too small to filter out for some of those. It’s been quite ridiculous to see some of what I have unfold online.

Unfortunately I did jump off my research train once I figured out how to deal with my own situation. I had never intended to start up a blog and share any of this information with the world. If I had, I’d have screenshots and the whole shebang included in this read to show you what I’m talking about with the articles regarding vaccines that were delivered and contaminated with EBV – which is not anywhere to found now for me when I look. What I can do is point to the articles I still have bookmarked, new ones I’ve found in recent searches that go in line with what I’ve already found or in line with the recent research studies and findings. I can provide you links to start your own research and get your own understanding of this virus. It’s a pretty big secret in my opinion that if more people understood about – wouldn’t be buying into all these processed foods as much. We’d have corn free life at a real affordability if food and pharmaceutical manufacturers would produce foods and medicines that were laden with chemicals and derivatives that suppressed instead of feeding this virus every bit of what it needs as ammo to reactivate in people.

Let me say that again in a different way: I’ve found in my research that many things that the virus uses to feed off of while it is dormant and waiting in your system for an opportune moment to take siege to destroy your lymphatic and immune system amongst many others it might target – what you eat and are exposed to play a huge key role in this viruses ability to do it’s worst. Any doctor willing to address suppressing EBV will tell you the very first thing you need to do is clean up your diet. People might think if it’s labeled and marketed as organic, healthy, or such otherwise lingo – it’s good for you, right?


Label reading is something I believe everyone needs to step back and start doing more thoroughly. And with some serious questioning to our manufactures and law makers. I’m absolutely appalled at the number of people I’ve had conversations with about my allergy and in regards to some of my findings about these corn derivatives being things that mess with serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain and how this affects peoples choices and processing information or situations – how allll of this is connected with our food and medication binding agents and a plethora of commonly misdiagnosed issues. Why? Because diet is not addressed first and foremost, a pill rolodex to treat your symptoms is commonly where doctors start. I’ll even throw in here my knowledge about psychology and visual manipulation through multiple mediums ranging from social media to graphics on billboards and how it kind of somehow all coincidentally herds people to buying the same products and foods and medications, it’s almost like a systematic brainwashing system ever so delicately put together under a shroud of convenient naivety. And it trips me out – like the number of people who shrug their shoulders and lay right back into their bag of chemical laden Doritos or right back into the drive-thru of Starbucks or Wendy’s is just absolutely alarmingly sad. For me it’s so very sad to step back and see all of these people just so blindly trusting these products – you were brought up never to question any of this…and to be brutally honest – the way I see things, it will be the reason why things won’t change in our society and why up until someone really important such as a president or politician develops a corn allergy or something that things won’t change for the Corn Allergy community as far as FDA guidelines go.

Follow the money, you’ll find the problems in why things do not change – who has the money? The lawyers, producers, manufacturers, or the victims? More often than not, it’s most definitely not the victim who has the money to sway the changes. However, what has made history in our society is the reality of Supply and Demand theories. Suppliers will always go to meet the Demands of consumers as that is their bread and butter. If they can get you hooked on a product even better, that means consistent income. Every time society catches onto their nifty little tricks and gambits, they switch up the verbiage or the way it’s processed and re-market it as something else and try to display themselves as ‘more open and honest’ or ‘safe’. In all reality all they are doing is convincing you to give up your right to do for yourself out of convenience that someone or something else can do it for you. We’re getting quite lazy with our collective innovation and in doing so, we are collectively causing a plethora of health problems in ourselves and our future generations to come as we’re raising our children to follow the leader and trust without question or fear.

It’s our own faults by what we vote for at the cash registers or online checkouts, what we put in our guts, on our skin, the whole nine yards. Nobody is questioning anything enough and laugh at the people who do. Why is this like this? I don’t get it. I really don’t. I’m not knocking technology and all our advances, but I am going to knock the way we just blindly go herding into things without question and consume things without question or put things on our bodies or our children’s bodies or into their bodies, all without question.

I can even jump on a bandwagon knocking our mental health system and the basis as to why there is so much conflicting approaches to several mental health conditions. I have no degree in psychology education but have been in and out of a plethora of situations my entire life that lead me to believe our education system is severely lacking in emotional and stress management education – matter of fact it’s almost toxic how things are set up. Those who have turbulent home lives are often misdiagnosed and wrongly medicated at very tender ages where development is really at its peak for establishing healthy connections and management. ADHD is the go-to diagnosis with Ritalin a go to medication for any hyperactive creative young soul – true and real ADHD is rather rare. These industries have been flooded and while intentions may have been good in the beginning phases of mental and healthcare industries being expanded and marketed for “Go to school for…” “make money doing….” something medical related – before these industries got flooded, legitimate people who wanted and chose that lifestyle would go that route. Now you’ll have people in it for the money and not the wellbeing and not to question what they’re taught.

This is me standing outside of our glass house as a whole (metaphorically speaking of our society as a whole), I’m not trying to sound all conspiracy theorist on anyone – it’s just what I’ve come to conclude. I’ve stepped back from the research train and no longer spend a lot of time looking into these connections or politics or the corporations. Instead, I’m spending my time bringing homestead by means of conveniences with modern technology back into my home. Figuring out ways to make things like Fruit Roll Ups, Tortilla Chips without the corn, breads, pastas, deserts and so much more, all at home. Growing my own foods and maintaining a garden scape that will take on its own way and be self sufficient with minimal need for me to break my back.

I stopped trying to look for ways to yell at these manufacturers or try and get other people to change their purchasing habits. I just decided to focus on my health and well being – which is what you have to do if you’re really going to suppress EBV. Which is what I have. I’m pretty certain it caused my Adult Onset Corn Allergy, I won’t ever know because I’m not going to stress myself with unnecessary doctors appointments and wasted money on tests that hold no critical value to the overall value of my day to day life. Would I like to know? Sure. Is it necessary? No. I need my money to feed myself and those that I love.

The cancer scare is what really shifted my mind later down the road when I reflected back on all of this. If I only had 6 months left to live, what would I do with my life? Who would I tell? Where would I want to go? Just the perspective shift in really sitting on these thoughts. I’d lost a very close friend in my early years to Leukemia. When she was diagnosed, she never told anyone. She never went to get treated. One day she was suddenly in crutches, the next week in a wheel chair and the next month a day after Christmas, she was gone. We were all so very angry at her for not telling us. She did however leave a note for us to find and I remember her brother sharing it with me.

It had read something along the lines of not wanting to be treated any differently and so she would die knowing who loved her the most and who she could trust. I never made any sense of it but… I’ve had my own life or death experience since she passed as well, and, well…Dying is the least of my worries, cancer is now also the least of my worries. I almost fully expect to have it without knowing it… I want to enjoy life while I’m here and learn all that I can. For all we know, this is all we get and if you’re like me, you’ve got pearly white gates and a God to face at the end of your route. Jesus this or that, regardless, I’m no bible thumper or anything but I do want to leave a decent foot print behind. It’s not looking like I’m going to have any kids…So I may as well help as many people as I can with what I know and what I can offer, make people smile while I’m at it too.

I’ve kind of stepped back from going down research rabbit holes, you ever notice how hardcore political people are always stressed out?? Doing all this research is rather stressful, the more you know the more helpless you feel when it comes to the food production and medical industries. At least that’s how it is for me. I still have a lot of work to do to get my health in order, so I focus on what I’m dealing with now. In the meantime, I can share my opinions, what I’ve found and hope that this information is helpful to someone out there dealing with something similar.

I really do hope to inspire thinking and researching of your own accord, while the internet is shifting and shaping to big tech regulations and we’re finally seeing some dictation on what people can and cannot say – and there are algorithms tailored to your search engines and tapped into your conversations or whatever – while all that is true, the tools are right in front of you to adjust all that. You just have to know how to even ask in the first place – i didn’t at first, now I know I can adjust the search engines and that if I search the same things on different devices or different accounts, I’ll always get a plethora of results that I would never find on my own personal google search – you have to really dive if you want to find knowledge nowadays. I get too stressed out with it and wish things weren’t being so manipulated – it’s psychologically taxing for someone like me to have to constantly explain this to people or having to step around what the algorithms are tailoring me to in order to try and sell me a product or service that I likely can’t have anyway because of my corn allergy.

Here are a bunch of reference links and articles that I recently shared in a support group, and also referenced for writing some of this article. I wish you luck and happy ventures into broader knowledge if you made it this far! I’m so very sorry I’m long winded, but I hope it helps! There is a lot interconnected on this topic and it’s just a lot to digest and regurgitate and very difficult to do so without sounding absolutely insane. What was insane though was how much time I used to spend researching at one point in time, I had several people in my circle just…disappear. I wasn’t cool anymore. Just put it that way. It’s quite alright because our lifestyles do not match up anymore, I’m focused on gardening and fishing and they’re probably enjoying their Jack in the Box and other fast food runs alongside heavy bar and club hopping and what not kind of life. I just can’t do that anymore. The smell of whiskey type boozes alone can give me a migraine nowadays and even give me an upset stomach just from the smell – no ingestion required, same with some perfumes and scents/fragrances. These little migraines lead up to swollen lymph nodes in my neck. It’s insane. I just know the more I minimize my exposure to things that give me migraines or other symptoms, the better off I am overall.













I’ve probably got more tucked away on a hard drive somewhere, but what I’ve got pasted here is plenty enough to start anyone on an EBV research train and enough to educate you what it actually does and how it works – you can also compare the information in the articles for yourself for any conflicting information or findings.

The only other thing I can offer is a few images as to what you can do to help suppress it, it is what I’m trying to figure out how to do – corn-free – which is really difficult as you can imagine since many supplements and vitamins are corn laden one way or another in their processing – enough so I can’t seem to find anything to help me make affordable short cuts. Maybe I’m thinking so hard I don’t see a solution right in front of me yet? We’ll see! All I can do is share what I’ve found, my opinions and hope that it helps more than it hurts. What people do with the information I post here is not my responsibility because I seriously will urge you again to please do your own research for your own situation and understand that I am in no way shape or form a health care professional on any level. I am not a certified anything except Adobe Illustrator user and ZUND operator. LOL. I’m just a ginger with a lot of time wasted on researching things, with developed opinions and perspectives that have ultimately, I feel, have helped me get my life in order and on track for a healthier, happier path, both physically and mentally.

And as a final note….somewhere from a place in my creative writings inside my food journal here and health journal that i’ve pulled some of all this information out to share with you all – I wrote down the following:

“c’est la vie! Que Sera, Sera! Carpe Diem!

Such is Life! It is what it is! Seize the Day!
You are your own creator of your own reality and perceptions, I hope you realize that and seize power of your life back. I truly encourage you to realize just how much our emotional and stress management education levels have an effect on our health – Stay positive. Focus on positive. Be positive. Things will change.”

And they have once I actually did realize it – things are getting better every single day for me. The struggle is staying consistent and not swaying to the daily peer pressures of society and also not being a recluse – you have to have your circles but not until you know how to set your boundaries.


Did all my typing your eyes out, help you at all? Make a one-time donation to help me out on getting something out of all the time I’ve spent down this particular rabbit hole. Or…just to say thanks for sharing, I’d appreciate the help. Any and all donations go to maintaining my site and helping me maintain my diet needs or garden. I plan to share more in the future as I go on my journey and hope to help others with what I offer here. Thank you for your support!

Did all my typing your eyes out, help you at all? Make a one-time donation to help me out on getting something out of all the time I’ve spent down this particular rabbit hole. Or…just to say thanks for sharing, I’d appreciate the help. Any and all donations go to maintaining my site and helping me maintain my diet needs or garden. I plan to share more in the future as I go on my journey and hope to help others with what I offer here. Thank you for your support!

Did all my typing your eyes out, help you at all? Make a one-time donation to help me out on getting something out of all the time I’ve spent down this particular rabbit hole. Or…just to say thanks for sharing, I’d appreciate the help. Any and all donations go to maintaining my site and helping me maintain my diet needs or garden. I plan to share more in the future as I go on my journey and hope to help others with what I offer here. Thank you for your support!

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Support your GingerSupport your GingerSupport your Ginger

Last but not least – it’s taken me some time to get around to uploading these and getting permission from my naturopath to post these. Below are the documents shared to me from my naturopath on how to ‘tackle’ and ‘suppress’ EBV – Western Medicine doesn’t have a treatment for it necessarily but they seem to heavily profit off of the litany of ailments and havoc it wrecks on the body. I don’t particularly care for the hefty medical bills and pill Rolodex they put you on that doesn’t help anything and gradually feeds the virus everything it needs to really cause cancer in the body. I don’t care to really debate this as it is just my opinion on the matter, take care of your health as you see best fit – this is my approach: Dietary and habitual changes, discipline and emotional/stress management. This virus is extremely opportunistic and no amount of pharmaceutical bandaging is going to stop it from taking advantage to your mismanaged stress responses and the way that ultimately effects the immune system – and if this virus is hi-jacking your immune system, what do you think it’s doing when you get too upset and stressed? To me, this is a key essential realization for self healing and really getting better and healthier on a lot of different levels in your life. Everywhere from social, mental to physical and spiritual or whatever you may identify as.

Without further ado, here are the image scans. Please feel free to down load these. It has been told to me by a few people to be rather effective in combination with learning stress and emotional management. I’ve had temporary bouts of success, but since about mid 2020 I’ve been a little bit off. Dietary needs have shifted faster than my adaptation abilities have been able to shift.

Pg 1/2 unfortunately I’ve been unable to successfully find a corn-free way to maneuver this and am really sensitive to the derivatives in a lot of applications and supplements that many who are ‘corn-lite’ could potentially tolerate. I’m not saying this will reverse your allergy but it could help get in check other symptoms not necessarily associated with the allergy but is feeding off the allergy, if that makes sense. This is the understanding I’ve come to with my journey at the moment.
Pg 2/2 unfortunately I’ve been unable to successfully find a corn-free way to maneuver this and am really sensitive to the derivatives in a lot of applications and supplements that many who are ‘corn-lite’ could potentially tolerate. I’m not saying this will reverse your allergy but it could help get in check other symptoms not necessarily associated with the allergy but is feeding off the allergy, if that makes sense. This is the understanding I’ve come to with my journey at the moment.
This virtually explains what EBV is and how the diagnosis goes, it breaks down the testing information.
Foods to help support healing from EBV, I have THC written down the side as I have found a great amount of help in using it in application to the pain management in association with the inflammation I deal with from it.