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Corn-Tamination Series: Slide 05 – Acetic Acid

There are well over 50 items on the base corn allergy trigger list and it is very overwhelming when you develop this as an adult and have to completely change your lifestyle up. I’ve resorted to fishing for my food, growing my own garden and getting a crap ton of kitchen gear that I would have never gotten if I had not developed this allergy.

I’ll do my best to provide all inclusive information for you to be able to dig deeper than what I have provided here for you. References will always be provided with my content and feedback or corrections are always welcomed. Please do not hesitate to send me a message using the form at the end of each article. If you are able, please contribute as well. Your donations and subscription to my site ensures my ability to keep running this site well into the future and posting more information for others like yourself to find here.

Aecetic Acid is the first on the long allergy list that I’ve been using for the last 7 years. This list does not match the one that is currently up – I still avoid sugar and other items that have been considered not corny now for corn allergy folks. I see no issue with being extra cautious with these substances that were once deemed not safe for the more sensitive and are somehow now safe.

There are well over 50 items on the corn allergy trigger list, however, this list should be considered absolutely INCOMPLETE because processing and manufacturing guidelines are rather lax and cross contamination can actually be worse of an issue than the items themselves. Corn is also not recognized by the FDA as a top allergen – it is not properly labeled for. Be VERY WEARY OF CORN FREE ADVERTISED ITEMS. They are more often than not, falsely advertised out of ignorance of the company and manufacturers – they think removing the protein makes it safer for those with an allergy and this is not true at all whatsoever.

ITEM #01 – Acetic acid
Acetic Acid is created through fermentation processes
and also occurs naturally when foods begin to spoil. What you find used in your packaged or processed foods is synthetically created and commonly created using corn glucose for the fermentation process. No matter which way this is processed, it uses some form of corn or corn byproduct in its creation.
It is a vinegar like substance and used as a flavoring agent and preservative in most dressings, cheeses and other popular items like salt and vinegar chips. Due to how it is made it is never a safe item option if this ingredient is found on the label for someone with a corn allergy or intolerance and should be avoided if you have this allergy.
Reactions vary from person to person depending on sensitivity levels.

Label reading is very much so a #1 priority when you are dealing with a corn allergy. It is also highly recommended that you reach out to a manufacturer regarding your allergy and the products creation that is in question that you want to try. A company can be held liable for your life and death reaction if they claim that the product you are inquiring about does not contain your allergen. For health and safety personally, I would recommend just not trialing things without doing research first and reaching out. Personally, I don’t reach out to manufacturers often – I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t bother spending the money or time on things that will ultimately end up collecting dust or getting a washed out response from a manufacturer that just isn’t clear.

References to find out more information on Aecetic acid for yourself are right here:https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16491359/
https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/Acetic-acid https://cornallergygirl.com/2013/06/03/wheres-the-corn-in-foods/

I hope this tid bit helps, please feel free to download and use this graphic to help educate others regarding your corn allergy. I will continue posting these slides from this list of allergy items with information as best as I can find it. My readers/subscribers, fans and followers, are all more than welcome to submit content for me to assemble into slides as well. We all have our own stories and journeys with this allergy and I believe it is very important to find catchy and effective ways to share our struggle to gain traction and get some affordable living back into our lives. Many of us developed this allergy as adults…and many with children having this allergy are struggling in ways that affect mental health in very adverse and detrimental ways. You’re socially isolated from many social settings and human beings are very social creatures regardless of how much of an introvert you might claim to be. You still need social interactions and a healthy dynamic at that for options. Living with a more sensitive corn allergy, one might be left to struggling with some very deep and dark thoughts because they cannot participate with other humans and others are very committed to misunderstanding because in the simplest of terms: They haven’t a clue what you’re living with and couldn’t begin to fathom.

Many people who I’ve taunted with “Try living my life for 30 days.” Respond with “I couldn’t afford that shit!” – well, what if your life depended on it and you still only made $12.20 an hour? You’re faced with work while starving or skip work to make food but you need money to get food and supplies and unfortunately, anything safe for a corn allergy person is not cheap at all whatsoever, matter of fact, it’s god awful expensive and just downright inhumane and ridiculous. I’ve had to make it work though, I’m down in weight and struggling to get nutrients such as Magnesium in my diet, but, I’m surviving and making this life work for those around me to continue to have another day with me.

There are those out there struggling much harder than me, starving much worse than me. We need to do something for them, and the children who are growing up with this too. It cannot continue on like this. May 2021 be the year we make our wave #cornallergy.

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I appreciate the visit to my site here today and would love your feedback or support in continuing this mission to create informative graphics in regards to corn allergy awareness. This journey has been long and hard, it is not done for me, and there are days where it feels like my body is out to eliminate my very existence in this world because of the corn in everything, everywhere, from your fragrances, hygiene products and cleaning supplies to your food, beverages and even bottled water. The FDA and our common public I think needs to recognize how disabling this is for a person, disability isn’t really a reasonable options either for those of us who are physically able to work – it eliminates your ability to make the money necessary to afford the lifestyle this allergy inherently causes you to have to live.


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