#CornAllergy Life Adaptations, Corn-Tamination Alert Graphics

Corn-Tamination Series!


The graphics shared here are strictly from my personal experiences and discoveries through my own research online. Advice given here should be considered strictly personal opinions from this Gingers’ life.

You are strongly encouraged to research and develop your own knowledge about your own condition and situation. No two people are the same. No two people who have a corn allergy have the exact same set of symptoms and reactions.

My allergy started when I was about 21, to my knowledge. I could have been sensitive since childhood and didn’t know until I reached legal age to drink where all symptoms became aggravated by my alcohol drinking habits. I have learned a lot from others and feel my story may provide hope and light for others. I seek to provide graphics and my story as a way to help others the way others have helped me along the way in this journey since November 2014.

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Hello…and welcome. This part of my blog falls under the Life Journey Lessons & Corn Allergy Life but will be focused more on the corn allergy graphics sharing aspects, references to links where I found the information and maybe some experiences with them. I will start this series off by saying this was originally on Facebook & Instagram only. I feel that this was limiting and with such turbulent conditions on our social media platforms, this would be the best way for me to focus my endeavors to help. After all, I get distracted with the endless scrolling and drama on there too. It’s hard not to get caught up and lose focus on our health with all that drama! Stress is not good on the health so I’m taking myself away from that!

I intend to make graphics available for those who need them to help spread awareness. I intend to help people struggling with a Corn Allergy like myself and influence in a positive way. In no way shape or form will I ever ask for money for the graphics I provide out for free. Customized graphics are a different story and may require a fee or donation – I have to put food on my table too. I am here to help freely where I can.

This allergy is hard, especially with the lack of proper labeling and allergy warnings for corn. Once you dig deep into it and if you happen to be anaphylactic – it really gets so very tough and isolating. Beyond difficult. I have been fortunate not to have needed an EpiPen to save my life on my journey so far. I say so far because there have been several reactions where I have been informed an EpiPen should have been administered. I have refused any prescriptions for an EpiPen since my throat does not swell shut and I do not need to go to an ER – Compounded Benadryl has sufficed for my situation. I live life dangerously and do not spend a lot of money on expensive medications. Compounded Benadryl costs me $75 out of pocket. I don’t advise this for others.

So with no further comments necessary, be on the look out for the upcoming posts with additional graphics and commentary. Please, also, do not hesitate to let me know about any graphical/grammar/spelling errors that may be present and I will gladly fix them. I am constantly looking for ways to improve and take critique and feedback graciously with gratitude. I cannot get better without it! I always post saying you are not alone and to keep trying your best, and so…this is reflected in my work here. I will keep trying and doing my best and I will take all the feedback necessary to get there! My work is not the best that can be created nor is any of it in the final stage. This is a transformation of a project that I hope helps a lot of people like me out there.

What started out as slides may very well end up as a book. We’ll see! 🙂 I think all our corn allergy stories warrant a spotlight as each our journeys are difficult with this allergy. There are a lot more out there now than in 2014. You really are not alone if you’re dealing with this rare intolerance and/or allergy.

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Your friendly Ginger here to help!