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SLIDE #15 – Corn Allergy List item #12 – Bleached Flour*

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SLIDE #15 – Corn Allergy List item #12 – Bleached Flour*
Bleached Flour, Flour, or even Enriched/Fortified Flours* should all be looked at through a thorough microscope. Corn allergy people must be very cautious and reach out to manufacturers about their flour processing. FDA Guidelines permit manufacturers and food companies from having to outline on the label whether or not they are using corn starch or other diluent for bleaching agents or other processing measures.
If Flour is labeled as “Bleached” we are all supposed to understand that it could contain any one of the many bleaching agents used to do bleached flour. For us with a corn allergy this means we need to reach out to determine what they’ve used to make their flour white. Essentially what happens when they bleach flour is that it takes out the carotenoids that make natural grain breads brown or orangish. Searching the support groups is a great way to find some solutions for your bread finds, a lot make their own using a safe for them flour. Everyones level of sensitivity is different, so trial carefully! It might be tough but finding a bleached flour you can use might be really beneficial for some tasty snacks! Flour bleaching has been common since 1906 and it does extend the shelf life of flour and products using bleached flour. For beginning bakers it’s preferred as it is easier to work with.

To those with a corn allergy, as always, wishing you happy ventures! You’re never alone!

*Asterisk Items are items that are not always corn derived and require in depth research on the item in question.