This Gingers' Journey

Long time, No Post?

Hi There! If you’re still following, waiting, thanks!!! I appreciate your patience. If you’ve been watching, noticing the little hiccups coming across my site… sorry!!! I’m trying to juggle a lot and web design has been on my back burner. It finally got brought to my attention some of my subscriber only content wasn’t showing up – World of Randoms IS DOWN right now. I’m working on finding solutions.

Corn Allergy posts – that has been on a back burner for sometime now due to a litany of things going on – time is just not on my side to continue making the slides on how each derivative is corn derived or why. I am not quitting my endeavors here, however, I don’t have the time at this point in my life to continue on that path. Anyone with Adobe Knowledge or research junkee abilities can jump on board to help because 3 things are true here: A template is ready but the information just needs to be found for one and put into the template for two, then I can post it.

Straight up, my mother just died recently – like my biological mother for those who know this gingers’ back story. It’s not fun to get the news or have to deal with death in a family on any level – what I was struggling with I am now set back by a month and then some. She didn’t exactly have here assets or stuff sorted out in a will or anything so us kids… were left wondering what the heck to do… on top of grieving and dealing with friends and family too. I’m still not quite right from the trip – due to my allergy and not wanting to fight with TSA and my food on short notice, we pulled a crazy stunt and drove across the country from Arizona to NC in 3 days. So much crying I didn’t wear my respirator and of course everything was allergy trigger over load. By the time I got back I was battling upper respiratory infections and a sinus infection.

I got the call March 22nd, she had passed March 21st so I finished my work week and made my way across the country with my husband on the 27th. We were there by the 29th. The drama, the pain, everything just ensued… the extra layer of corn allergy that nobody understood – the brain fog, inability to make decisions on the fly in combination with sleep deprivation… this trip was anything but pleasant. I had to fight to be understood in some situations and due to sleep deprivation – even my husband wasn’t my friend on this trip. Airborne triggers are everywhere and some people in the south are latched onto this deep, deep ignorance of knowing your situation better than you do… and it’s a tough one to take a deep breath on and not loose your shit to. As much as this trip was unpleasant, it had many, many pleasant moments and heartfelt closing conversations with some family members we hadn’t seen in forever.

Many pleasant moments and a lot of history blasted on me. One of these days here soon I’ll elaborate more on the nature of my mothers death… I think it has a lesson to be learned and shared for all but first I wanted to take a moment and let my followers know I’m still alive. I will have more to post soon. I’ve been working on paintings a lot as a form of therapy and inspiration. Mental health, addiction, and healing are all three topics that surround my mothers death. I look forward to discussing more on it in future posts… in the meantime, enjoy some of the pictures from my journey.