Crochet Creations Portfolio

I took to crochet in 2018 taking lessons from my mother-in-law who just wanted to teach me something. I never thought I’d fall in love with this hobby so much! I love it so much that I’ve had to include it in my services, not everyone needs graphics and well…I now take requests!

Because of the nature of how crochet creations take so much time I always have to ask everyone to have some patience on your request. All crochet requests can take up to 30 days to complete. Especially for the larger stuffed animals and blankets

My favorite projects are the stuffed animals, they come to life in my hands as I follow patterns. I’ve been working on creating my own patterns but that will come in the far future! Lots of practice projects and smiles to create first!

You can follow what creations I have in progress, maybe even your own request, on my Facebook or Instagram pages. I especially enjoy sharing the progress of these creations coming to life! Sometimes a mistake turns into a fun new creation! This is how I spread smiles! 🙂