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Real Life Journeys – The Gingers Untold Story Part 1

Continuing my story here – this is more just about me personally. Not allergy related much – down the road I’ll reflect on some of these situations in more detail in how I think I may have been corn sensitive as young as 4 years old. My focus though isn’t just corn, art, graphics and poetry – I’ve got a story that touches on mental health, abuse, the #metoo movement, child trafficking, racism, now we’re onto talking allergy relations, health, covid, there is…a lot going on and I can see a lot of misinformation and lower vibration mentalities running amuck around me… I have something I have to say to the world of virtue signalers and I have something to say to those struggling to keep their head above the water through their traumas. I’ve seen people die and some things maybe even worse…It’s a tragedy to live in a society that totes such loud lies and funds such corrupt corporations that yell and signal all these righteous things but reflect upon the actions and you’ll find they do nothing to change these things…yet everyone has no issue supporting them and virtue signaling or dropping a knee for some publicity. Either way, I just simply hope my story share – for whoever’s willing to subscribe and hear it – I hope it helps you in some way shape or form. Inspires you.

Recovery, mental stability and sobriety are all possibilities no matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve been told or diagnosed with. My hope is to inspire that – even though I struggle daily with wanting to disappear because of my corn allergy – I just have to find a way to make myself of value whether I think so or not and this is about the only way I can do my own thing on my own terms. So…without further ado…I bring to you my story…There is nothing stopping you except the way you’re thinking about moving forward in life with anything.

My childhood may not have been that great. My parents used me as a torpedo back and forth out of spite of one another maybe, or possibly because they didn’t know how to handle things. Who knows but… Today I’m about 30 years old. What all I’m about to touch on happened to me well over 15 years ago, the waters are a little murky for me to get through if you know what I mean. I’m having to really dig deep and try and remember some things. In the last chapter, I touched on the mental health aspects a bit in regards to how these dynamics between my parents and family set me up to seek a crowd that would accept me for me. I didn’t quite elaborate on the details of other incidents.

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