Digital Design Creations

This portfolio includes my design and doodle to digital artwork. I have worked 10 years in Design, marketing, signs and point of sale graphics and production. I’ve got experience in putting together everything from logos, business cards to vehicle wraps and store fronts.

I can offer my design services to you and have print services available depending on what your project entails!

Reach out to me for any design projects you have in mind! I can help with custom stickers, business cards, vehicle decals, magnets, store front graphics, labels, invitations, and so much more.

I have a Bachelors degree in Visual Communications and Graphic Design. I have a background in machine operations varying from desktop printers and large format printers to CNC routers, vinyl plotters and ZUND cutting machines. This background gives me a unique advantage in understanding production processes and requirements for print and production files.

My expertise in large business interior graphics and signage, point of sale signage and graphics as well as vehicle wraps from my career jobs have given me a unique insight for a plethora of business solutions. My creative side gives me an advantage in helping you create what you envision.

I aim to help and assist small ma and pa shops, rescues and families – overall I’m just trying to help cut costs, help kick start business and ultimately to create smiles. I can do gifts and request projects. I do have options for pricing for my design services to keep it economical for you and fun for me. Everyone wins.

I will also tell you up front if your request is out of my league. There are simply some things I’m not good at and I have no issue in saying so although I’m more than open to a challenge if you have the patience to work with me on the challenge. I have connections for things that aren’t in my ball field so don’t worry if it doesn’t pan out with me, I’ll connect you with someone who will get your project done!

You can follow what creations I have in progress on my Facebook or Instagram pages. I especially enjoy sharing the progress of my handmade creations with the permission of my clients. Sharing the creative process has potential to spark ideas for other projects or customers too.

Schedule with me today on Calendly for a zoom brief or you can simply send your requests by email or give me a call!