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$4 Custom #cornallergy Awareness Badge Graphics

In an effort to raise #cornallergy awareness, I've made several badges for free that are available for use anywhere. Out of all that work, I now have some standard templates available to choose from AND customized Corn Emojis! So... for those of you that may be interested in customizing your own, message me today to… Continue reading $4 Custom #cornallergy Awareness Badge Graphics

World of Randoms

Chapter 20 – Depression or Decision

Motivation lacking, she yells for me to rise up… I just glaze my eyes up to hers, and ask what’s up?  “Get up! Get out of bed!” “Why, what’s the point?” the lazy and depression laden voice responds. Hollowed out inside. Gutted from the thoughts...or lack thereof. The lack of motivation is deeply laced with… Continue reading Chapter 20 – Depression or Decision

World of Randoms

Chapter 19 – Who is She?

To strike that note, make that sound. Who would know how well they would flow?  And As she stood up, I sat down and started to write.  “Oh what a sight, she’s taking flight!”  Oh what a scene to see, a girl just figured out how to handle her world!  Nothing is handed to us… Continue reading Chapter 19 – Who is She?

World of Randoms

Chapter 18 – Welcome: The Neverending Sections

Each chapter released from this point, if you have noticed since we figured out we were trapped in a section, is Randomly spoken. There is no storyline here. We have no storyline in this place. You have to understand something, the artist putting these chapters together isn’t really focused on any one thing. Can you… Continue reading Chapter 18 – Welcome: The Neverending Sections

World of Randoms

Chapter 17 – A Teens Note of Revelation

Reading... 'I’m stuck in this space, it’s my space and mine alone. It’s the only place I can be alone without feeling like I’m all alone.  I don’t want out of this place either, it’s peaceful here. No drama. Nothing to create any new trauma.  And this is all because I’m still working through the… Continue reading Chapter 17 – A Teens Note of Revelation

World of Randoms

Chapter 16 – Wanting Out

It trips me out every time. Sitting on a beach, it’s supposed to be relaxing, but it’s just full of all these grains of’s windy. Wet...messy and not to mention you can’t hear a thing past the ocean crashing in with the winds. I’m sitting in front of the great birthing pool of everything… Continue reading Chapter 16 – Wanting Out

World of Randoms

Chapter 15 – Trapped Inside

Looking back at the memories of looking inside those somber eyes, the pain flickers a flame. We can’t help it, we just don’t feel the same. You can bury it, or you can hide it, but underneath it all, it has made its impact. We’re standing here in the same section, with the same girl.… Continue reading Chapter 15 – Trapped Inside

World of Randoms

Chapter 14 – Those Somber Eyes

Diving into those somber eyes without any permission to the viewer, here we unexpected rabbit hole adventure. There might be a storyline hidden here after all, but we’ll find out as we journey further. Doesn’t life seem to have a trend to match a movie or a story?  And here we go again...round and… Continue reading Chapter 14 – Those Somber Eyes