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Design & Digital Arts Portfolio

For my Crochet & Handmade Creations Portfolio please scroll down and click on page 2 at the bottom.

Design Portfolio & Background

This portfolio includes my Graphic Design and Artwork alike. I have my bachelors degree in Graphic Design and Visual Communications as well as having had worked 10 years in Design, marketing, print and signs, as well as a lot of varying kinds of point of sale graphics and their production. I’ve found more that I am more of an artist at heart rather than Graphic Designer, but that doesn’t mean I can’t use my skills and knowledge to use to provide personal services to small businesses and families. You may find me to be a great addition to your team on a project for a small window of time to execute something amazing. I provide services both in custom artwork graphics and in point of sale or business graphics and logo design small businesses. I have experience in putting together everything from logos, business cards to vehicle wraps and storefronts – start to finish. I have been there from the design creation to the installation on the store level for many projects over the years, whether I designed the creative artwork or not, I had my hand in making the end result come to fruition. Fry’s Food Stores I still play a direct hand in making sure POS signage makes it to the displays for customer view. In a way, I’ve never gotten away from what I started out doing.

I can offer my knowledge and experience in design and production services to you and have print services available depending on what your project entails! While I’m not a full-service shop currently, I have the capacity to help you with the groundwork in getting what you need for most of your projects. If not, the connections to save you the most money I’m sure I can get you. I can offer print broker services on top of digital to print output specialist services.

Reach out to me for any design or art projects you have in mind! I can help with custom stickers, business cards, vehicle decals, magnets, storefront graphics, labels, invitations, apparel, banners and so much more.

Schedule with me today on Calendly for a zoom brief or you can simply send your requests by email or give me a call!

Basic services I offer include

  • Graphic Design and Print Services, starting at a minimum of $65 for most projects, this does not include print costs. Print costs are always going to be separate.
  • Print Services for everything from Business cards to banners, vehicle graphics and wraps all the way to interior decor and more. I can even help you wrap your store front windows if you’re local here in Arizona, my husband does graphics installations and he helps my clients out in cutting installation costs when it comes down to it.
  • Handmade gifts & toys – I crochet and absolutely love to do so! Making toys for your kids or friends is something I totally can dig down on. Most all my handmade products start out at $15 and go up depending on size and time to create. They’re handmade so there’s no rush available on this service. See the next page for my Handmade Gifts Portfolio